Northbound Season Two Teaser and Pre-Production ( @filmnorthstar @GeekNation @lullskull ) from @kleffnotes

GeekNation and the production company Lullskull Ltd.have release a brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming continuation of the web series Northbound. The first season had over 1 million views and prompted them to continue the story of Alex and his daughter Crystal.For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series it is filmed entirely in the Upper Peninsula , primarily in the cities of Norway, Iron Mountain, and Houghton in Michigan. In the first season the focus was on Alex, a lone father, working to protect his comatose daughter Crystal as he fights his way through the wintery landscape following a cataclysmic event. He has to fight off savages and a mysterious military force known as Allied Command. The second season has Alex and Crystal living in a community led by Pastor Wallace in the North Woods. This peaceful community is maintaining a ceasefire with a militia known as the Firewalkers. As Wallace works to find out what led to The Cataclysm, events take place that strain the truce held between his people and the militia. The second season will begin production this fall, with the four episode opener airing in the winter.


This saga is co-created by Seth and Nathan Anderson, natives of Michigan, who are working to revitalize the arts in the underrepresented Upper Peninsula and help boost the local economy. They would like to see a self-sustaining film movement exist within this area. The second series of Northbound will lead into their feature film Northstar. Currently the series is still open to co-productions and product/brand sponsorship. If you are interested in this series you can watch it exclusively on GeekNation and you can find information on The North Star Saga site. You can also find them on Facebook and on Twitter, @filmnorthstar and @lullskull.

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