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I was crushed to hear that one of my new favorite shows, Houdini and Doyle, would not be returning for a second season. I know that this was announced earlier this summer, but I needed a bit of time to figure out just how I was going to say goodbye to such a wonderful show.

Before the show even aired I was already hooked because of their digital promotion, Houdini and Doyle: World of Wonders, which was hosted by Rebecca Liddiard. Each episode examined something that would later appear within the television series and was really fun to watch. Liddiard sat through a seance, took a ghost photograph, went to a cold read, and there were many more, but after each one a specialist explained how the trick was done. You can check them all out on KindaTV, which is also where you can watch Liddiard in the web series MsLabelled, she’s primarily in season one. I loved her in that web series and getting to see her in a television show playing the confident and kick butt Constable Adelaide Stratton was something I was ridiculously happy about. She was dedicated to finding out what happened to her husband and was put in charge of keeping two well known men from getting themselves into serious danger, while investigating unusual cases. She did such an amazing job and I loved every minute that she was on screen.

adelaide pic

Michael Weston was captivating as Harry Houdini. He was often the comedic element, as well as providing the skeptic voice throughout most of the series. The story line focused on the death of Houdini’s mother was so heart wrenching and Weston portrayed this grief in such a beautiful way. I hurt with him and I wanted to be able to watch him work through Houdini’s visions of his mother after seeing her on the boat. I also wanted more moments of him messing with Houdini and I was still rooting for him and Adelaide to get together. I know she has a husband, but we learned he definitely was not the man she thought he was.


I have been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes ever since I was a little kid and I really enjoyed being able to see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle solving crimes like his character. Mangan lived up to all of my expectations and I was weekly wowed by him. As Doyle he made the audience feel both his grief and happiness over the course of his wife’s condition. He also made you hope the paranormal was real with his exuberance. I was really looking forward to watching his Doyle working on The Hound of the Baskervilles, but sadly it will never be.


Not only did I love watching the show, but the community around it was wonderful. I wrote a number of articles and made a couple of videos connected to the history presented in the series and I looked forward to sharing that with them every week. You can find them all here on The Nerdy Girl Express. I also loved being able to talk about the show with writer Joshua Brandon and with the Houdini and Doyle Twitter account itself. I will really miss this show and I’m sorry to see it won’t be returning to my screen next year.

h and d group

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