@TRESPASSERcomic #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

If someone you loved were sick, would you do anything to help them? In Trespasser #4 Hector finds himself making a tough choice in an attempt to save his little girl Maria.

The comic opens late at night in the Hector’s family home. His daughter is in bed, covered in bumps that look like very serious hives, and her father is drinking alone in the dark. He goes up to his daughter to check on her and opens his heart. As she wakes up the two find the room filled with a bright light. There are alien beings on the lawn, but Hector isn’t afraid of them. Instead he begs them to help his daughter, even though he knows he has hurt these beings in the past. Will the aliens help his daughter? What will happen to Hector? Find out in Trespasser #4!

trespasser pic 1

I think Trespasser would appeal to fans of The Walking Dead, even though I know there aren’t aliens in that. The vibe I get from the comic is post apocalyptic . Trespasser is also a Young Adult comic, though I think it would appeal to readers of all ages. With a focus on family this story drew me in and I am interested to see what happens to Maria and Hector as it continues.

trespasser pic 2

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