@HoudiniandDoyle You Will Be Missed from @kleffnotes

I was crushed to hear that one of my new favorite shows, Houdini and Doyle, would not be returning for a second season. I know that this was announced earlier this summer, but I needed a bit of time to figure out just how I was going to say goodbye to such a wonderful show. Continue reading “@HoudiniandDoyle You Will Be Missed from @kleffnotes”

@HoudiniandDoyle Bedtime Reading and Assassins from @kleffnotes

The finale of Houdini and Doyle was last night and it was so full of amazing moments that it was hard to narrow down just what I wanted to talk about this week. There was an entire town killed under mysterious circumstances, visions of Houdini’s mother, and Adelaide’s continuing investigation into her husband’s affairs. I finally decided that I would focus on two interesting events that tied in with two things I love. Continue reading “@HoudiniandDoyle Bedtime Reading and Assassins from @kleffnotes”

@HoudiniandDoyle and a Moment for Mediums by @kleffnotes

Houdini and Doyle was focused on the power of mediums this week. A year after the death of an eight year old girl, another girl has vanished and the police have accepted the help of a medium to try and find this second victim. Our medium, Madam Korzha, is shown using a number of different psychic tricks. I thought that I would share some facts about psychics and their connection to Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Continue reading “@HoudiniandDoyle and a Moment for Mediums by @kleffnotes”

Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle Meet Spring Heel’d Jack

The latest episode of Houdini and Doyle dealt with murders connected to the figure Spring Heel’d Jack from English legend. This video gives a brief history of this murderous being and some connections between this Jack and Jack the Ripper. Who knows, maybe will get to see that saucy man before the season is out. Continue reading “Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle Meet Spring Heel’d Jack”

@HoudiniandDoyle Breaking the Mold On Period Detective Dramas from @kleffnotes

The series Houdini and Doyle is a clever detective drama that recently began airing on Fox in the United States. I was excited to watch this series as soon as I saw the previews because I love anything involving detectives in London, England. Beyond that I have adored the character Sherlock Holmes for as long as I can remember. Now Sherlock might not appear in this series, but his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle does. Add a touch of the supernatural, the amazing Rebecca Liddiard, and the setting of London in 1901, I knew I’d be hooked. Continue reading “@HoudiniandDoyle Breaking the Mold On Period Detective Dramas from @kleffnotes”

Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle 1 from @kleffnotes

Houdini and Doyle premiered last night with a case that was full of murder, ghosts, and more than one daring underwater escape. Instead of a recap I decided to do things a little bit differently. I made a video full of Houdini and Doyle related tidbits that can be watched by anyone, even if you haven’t seen any of the series yet. Continue reading “Pop Culture Kleffnotes: @HoudiniandDoyle 1 from @kleffnotes”