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After last week’s reveals about Khlyen and Aneela and the big reveal about the wall, this episode was bound to be insane. Let me tell you the opening scenes alone already had me freaking out, but let’s get into the penultimate season two recap.

Old Town is littered with bodies and then we see Dutch held captive in a tiny room. As she tries to drink water we watch as scarbacks try and protect the Royale from the influx of angry Old Towners. As a torturer is asking Dutch where Jelco is, we see that D’Avin has him held captive somewhere. Dutch as been dosed with microleeches from Jelco’s private stock and when she says she doesn’t know where Jelco is she suddenly vomits blood. Pree grabs a gun from behind the bar and threatens to use it, but Dutch talks him down because she doesn’t think that even he can get them out alive. He drops the gun, but then the man torturing and interrogating Dutch has him sent out to the street. Then we learn that over 100 people died the night before and that Old Town wants Jelco dead. If he doesn’t die then they’ll kill Dutch instead. We then jump back to the night before and see the Royale full of the exceptionally drunk, many are even passed out at the bar. Dutch sees Johnny and Pawter and Johnny is sporting a brand new ring. Oh boy, wedding bells were apparently ringing somewhere in Old Town. Instead of trying to talk to them Dutch just quickly knocks them unconscious with a stun gun. Johnny wakes up on Lucy with one heck of a hangover. D’Avin and Dutch explain what the wall does and that they could only get in with a scrambler that kept them from falling under the sway of the weird sonar. When Pawter wakes up she and Johnny explain how they felt. Then Johnny asks Lucy to put on her analyzing pants, which she says is impossible, but she still gets to analyzing. It turns out that the food really is tainted with a way to take out the already weak. Dutch says that they will take down the wall and that tonight Jelco dies.

pree at bar

Everyone is suiting up to bust into Spring Hill, but Johnny and D’Avin are also having a bit of a heart to heart about Dutch. D’Avin insists that the two will make up and that Dutch is just feeling jealous of Johnny picking Pawter over her. Johnny insists that Dutch doesn’t act like that and the two think it has to do with something else. Pawter talks to Dutch, but even though she thanks her for the help the two are still not in a great place. They break into Spring Hill, Pawter and Dutch are together and Johnny and D’Avin are the other team. Spring Hill is totally empty, which is really weird. Johnny and D’Avin find the tech that supports the wall and it looks exactly like tech from Arkyn. The system chats with Johnny and reveals that he knows he’s being played by the human. D’Avin tells Johnny to kick the computer’s ass, but this thing is much sassier than even Lucy. Dutch and Pawter are preparing for finding Jelco and when Dutch gives her a gun, Pawter refuses to use it on Jelco. Then she reveals that Johnny told her that he wants to be more than a killjoy. The base is going through a system wide change over, but they have no idea what that means. Pawter tries to figure out how to alter the wall and accidentally triggers Jelco’s security parameters. F Squad is on the way.

spring hill

Johnny traces Jelco’s call and finds out that he’s still in Spring Hill. D’Avin and Dutch will find and deal with Jelco, Johnny and Pawter are in charge of dealing with the wall. Dutch makes for the service floors and D’Avin is on his way. Johnny has to figure out how to bust his way into the computer, seriously this tech is a jerk. He uploads Lucy and now it’s her turn to deal with this pain in the hard drive. We get a glimpse of Old Town and things are not good, Johnny and Pawter really need to hurry. D’Avin gets to distracting and Dutch makes a break for it. Lucy works her magic and Pawter is able to revert the wall to zero. She then makes an announcement to all of Old Town to tell them to stop eating the food. D’Avin is dealing with effing F Squad, when Johnny learns that he needs a Qreshi master code to take down the wall. Pawter contacts Delle Seyah and we learn that this plan has been in motion of years. The deaths in Old Town will help to keep their control over Westerly. Pawter tells Johnny that she doesn’t have the code and when he says it will be okay, she asks how they could save everyone. Johnny is still positive, but he doesn’t have the answer. He goes to get Pawter, but not until after he gives Dutch one more update. She just has to go down one more floor for Jelco. When she finds him she also finds the green goo and a Level Six lab. Pawter then asks Lucy to transmit to all of the Quad and she says that they need to take down the wall. Then she amps up the wall to make all the Old Towners feel immense rage. Pawter directs them to attack the wall, then they all begin throwing themselves at it. This works to overload the system, but results in the deaths we learned about at the start of the episode.

killjoys dutch

Dutch has Jelco, but he asks her to let him go and he’ll forget about all of this. Then he reveals the entire plan. Jelco is helping to create a moon full of Sixes. Johnny finds Pawter sitting silently by the monitor and sees the wall settings. All of Old Town is coming to Spring Hill and they need to run. Before they go Jelco says he can tell Dutch where all the rest of the goo is, but the only way he’ll tell her is if she saves him. D’Avin finds them and as he tells her to take the shot, she says they have to save him. The Old Towners are already too high up in the building and while Dutch distracts the mob, it leads to her capture. We are now back at Dutch’s interrogation and the man interrogating her reveals that he has to protect these people because it was his responsibility after the death of their Union leader. She won’t talk, but she gets them to bring her Johnny. He tells them to leave them alone, but the interrogator takes his gun. He wants to know what has happened right now. D’Avin and Jelco have found a trader and D’Avin is willing to give her all of Jelco’s money in order to get what they need. In the Royale Johnny tells Dutch to always plan for microleeches and then she tells him that she loves him. Dutch says that he always follows his big, stupid heart, which is what got him into trouble with Pawter. When he tells her what Pawter did, she says you don’t know what you’ll do until you find yourself in a situation like that. Dutch also reveals that Johnny is the only thing that keeps the monster inside of her from coming to the surface and she’s afraid to lose him because of that. Johnny says he wishes he lived in a world where he could “have his Dutch and eat his Pawter too.” Yeah, they notice it sounds weirdly sexual too. D’Avin launches a missile to blow up Spring Hill, which was always the plan. The interrogator plans to kill Dutch anyway, which she says had to happen because you can’t whip up a mob and then not give them the bloodshed they desire. Johnny plans to shoot their way out, but suddenly Delle Seyah arrives to negotiate for Westerly’s independence.

johnny be good


She says that she’s here because other mining towns said that they would violently revolt if a wall went up. This pushed Delle Seyah to make a move. Pawter tells the man running the mob not to trust anything that Delle Seyah says, especially since she is offering to have paperwork drawn up right now. Delle Seyah then says that this will cost the company trillions, but it will cost Pawter so much more. If Westerly gets independence Pawter will have to give up everything and she tells Johnny that she doesn’t think she wants to fight this. She is tired of playing politics. He says that as long as he has a home, then she has a home. Johnny offers to make her their official doctor, since they do get hurt a lot. The interrogator/head of the mob cuts his hand open to start the paperwork, Pawter  cuts her hand too, but as soon as the paper goes to Delle Seyah she stabs Pawter with the knife. She’s bleeding out as a battle rages. The scarbacks that came in with Delle Seyah won’t stay down and the killjoys need to leave. Johnny refuses to leave Pawter, but D’Avin apologizes and knocks him out. I knew things were going too well with this being the episode right before the season finale! I knew it and I let myself get lulled into a false sense of security! I didn’t prepare for the microleeches! Okay, breathe, there is still episode left to recap. One of the scarbacks gives Delle Seyah a different form and then she makes an announcement saying that Pawter signed a peace agreement that makes it so they can’t be torn apart again. Fancy is on Lucy and Jelco is gone. He says that Khlyen is waiting. Seriously!? Ahhh!!! This finale is going to be fricking insane! I also just wanted a picture of Pawter to end this article because I needed to see her looking very much alive after that episode.


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  1. I hope you don’t mind but I read your recap of “Johnny Be Good” on my Killjoys podcast. I normally write my own recap but I was pressed for time this week and decided to read yours. I did mention where I got the recap and I included a link to it in the blog post accompanying the podcast.


    1. I’m glad my recap could help you out and I appreciate that you linked where you got it and mentioned it within the podcast itself. Could you link me the podcast so I could check it out?


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