@dark_matterTV Recap: Going Out Fighting from @kleffnotes

After Two passing out last week, I was not expecting the scenes that started this episode of Dark Matter. I mean I knew Four and Nyx were getting close, but I hadn’t realized they were at sexy times close. Apparently Three has even noticed them getting hot and heavy, in the training room! Though he totally knows they’ve had sex after that weird dining hall interaction. Five leaves to avoid further awkward breakfast talk, which leads us back to Two.

She find her unconscious in her room and calls for help to get her to the infirmary. Android runs a scan and reveals that Two’s nanites are at critical failure, which means that she is dying. After this reveal Two tells the crew what is happening to her, which means that Nyx knows that she has technological super powers. Three thinks that they should just figure out how to use Android’s nanites to fix her nanites, but that won’t work according to Two. In order to save her they’ll need to go to Dwarf Star Industries to figure out what can be done. Six says that she can’t lead this mission and with her in a weakened state she agrees to take a step back. This means we are headed to Earth. The Marauder drops in with Three, Four, Six, and Nyx on board. They see a space elevator, which Five thinks is awesome, and apparently leads to a space station. Android is running additional scans of Two, but Two doesn’t think these are helping. She actually thinks she’s just doing this to give her hope that she won’t die. Two wants to do something and even though she might be a liability she is hoping Android has a temporary fix. Even though the crew doesn’t mind her not being involved, it is driving Two up the wall. Six and Four are stuck in the Marauder together and they are finally discussing the things that happened between Six and the crew. Four reveals that he wants to leave the crew and help his people, but he feels loyal to them. He also doesn’t have any of the memories he would need to help his home planet. Three and Nyx are in the station and she is putting her charms to the test. Five is doing her own tech work to get them hacked in. She can see everything and after a distraction from Nyx, Three does some recon. They can’t just bust in because of retinal scans. They all come back and Android says that there is no way to dock. Five says they’ll have to sneak in with a man in R and D named Eric Waver. Android is working to circumvent the retinal scan by doing some hacking herself. Two says she’s coming because Android has found a way to put her nanites at their highest setting for 24 hours. Once that time runs out she will immediately die, unless they figure out how to fix the nanites.

sick two

Waver is doing some online dating, huh, looks like we still have Tindr in the future. Six arrives at his door and flashes his badge. Waver lets him in, but that leads to some unexpected guests. Two and Three walk in and when he sees her Waver calls her Rebecca and says that she spared him. He then explains that she was their first successful test, but that as she excelled at each test they continued to push her harder. Waver’s tasks were the most basic.He brought her food and they wound up bonding. This led him to become her teacher, which inadvertently made her more dangerous. When she escaped she was brutally efficient, but when she saw him she merely walked out without touching him at all. Rook told him everything that he’d learned about Two from their last encounter and Waver knows exactly why she’s there. After she escaped they later learned that her nanites were flawed, but they have managed to correct the technology. Six says that Waver is going to have to get some of his coworkers to help them get in. He winds up inviting two of his buddies over and as they freak out about Two, Three doesn’t exactly calm them down. He says that they need their retinas. Android finds Five in the kitchen and she’s having hot chocolate. It turns out that Android has over 20,000,000 taste receptors and she apparently really likes hot cocoa now. Five is really worried about what could happen to Two and Android says that Two’s nanites aren’t what makes her special, but rather her strength of will. She insists that Two will be okay, but when she leaves with Five’s hot chocolate Android looks really worried. Two explains to Six what Android’s retinal technology will do, it involves injecting gel under your cornea that temporarily alters your eye to match the correct pattern. Six gets in, but Three takes three tries to make it through. Apparently the system is a bit buggy. Waver gets them into the lab with the upgraded nanites, Two will just need one shot, but Three takes the full case. Then, because no mission ever goes smoothly, Rook comes in with an armed guard.

three glass


Three asks for a pillow if they are going to be tied up, he does get tied up a lot. Rook says that he can arrange that as long as they tell him where Two is. He then berates Eric for having an unhealthy obsession with Two, until Six says that they were going to kill him if he didn’t help them. Rook says it’s okay and that is terrifying. Yeah, the dude with a gun taking him out of the room isn’t taking him for snacks and a nap. Poor Eric, he just wanted to help. Three really wants to kill Rook and when he says that Rook says he isn’t going to give him the pillow. Two is getting worried and says she is heading back to the ship. Three and Six are locked up together, but men come and take Three. On the Raza Four says that if Two is worried that they should go get their crew members. Android believes that she can get them in, even though an official entrance doesn’t exist. There is a hanger that was sealed up, but if Android can adapt the blink drive to work in the Marauder she can just pop them into the station. Nyx, Two, and Four are ready to blink and Android sends them on their way, but not before Two thanks everyone for all that they’ve done. Three is tied up and Rook has people wheel in a box that looks like it’s full of moving shadows. This really is not a good day for Three. The Marauder makes the blink and it worked. Nyx and Four are going after Three and Six, while Two, with some help from Waver’s friends, knows exactly where to get the nanites. Three is returned to the cell with Six and he is acting really weird. He says that they tried to get him to talk and he didn’t feel much like talking. Six says that they need to figure out how to help Two. She’s in the nanite room, but Rook has taken all of them. He says that she’s a professional failure, which he just can’t let move around. Instead of dampening her nanites like he did last time, he wants her to fight the new her. This new nanite infused human is a huge guy with the perk of unwavering loyalty to Rook. While they fight Four breaks Three and Six out and Nyx arrives to help Two. With both women down, Four enters and takes the guy down. Two is fading fast and Rook is gone with the only supply left. Six draws blood from the now dead guy and injects it into Two with the hopes that the nanites in his blood will jump start the replication process in Two. She wakes up and it seems like everything is fine, except Three is seriously messed up. As they are all reentering the Raza his eyes show weird swirls that look exactly like the stuff in the box.

dark matter white jackets

Android runs a scan on Two and the new nanites have replicated just fine and her old nanites are in a state of decay. She should be just fine, which Android is very happy about. Six comes in and while happy that Two is fine, is super weirded out by whatever is going on with Three. He then finds Three about to mess with something in the control room and Two knocks him out. When they get him to the infirmary, Three wakes up and starts blaming Six for doing something weird. Android then says that Three’s brain is registering REM sleep patterns, even though he seems awake. They move him into a stasis pod, but he super creepily looks awake. Creepy black stuff oozes out of him and they manage to shoot it out of the airlock, while keeping Three alive with a very quick pod extraction. What the heck was that stuff?! Three wakes up in the infirmary and immediately says that Two looks okay. Then he asks if she’s going to be okay, when she says yes he’s glad that they did it, but then is super confused by how he got where he is. He doesn’t remember anything after Rook took him. Android scans him and says his brain pattern is fine. Three is very upset to hear that Six saved his life again. Android says that she needs to go to her charging platform and then Six heads to bed. Two seems to space out for a second and when Three asks what she’s thinking about she says Rook. Two doesn’t want revenge, but instead wants to know what’s going on. The episode ends with Android in a bed, which is remarkably odd. What was that stuff? What is happening to Android? So many questions!

three scream

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