@dark_matterTV Recap: Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance from @kleffnotes

This Friday Dark Matter delivered double episodes and so I have double the recaps for you. There’s a lot happening with the Raza crew and with the finale coming up very soon you can bet things are going to get crazy. Now let’s get to the recap.

Four walks into a bar where Two and Nyx are waiting for him. They’re picking up supplies, including scented creams, ammo, and weapon cleaner. Five and Three are off on their own shopping trip. Three tricks Five into eating a super sour fruit and once she goes off on her own Three finds himself dealing with some very sketchy dudes. While he’s distracted Five runs off and is knocked out by one of the said sketchy dudes. A man notices her being nabbed, so while Three has no idea what happened there is at least one witness. Two, Four, and Nyx are playing a guessing game, which Nyx is totally kicking butt at, but a woman at the bar notices what they are doing and reports them to a guard. The witness to Five’s kidnapping finds Three and he insists the guy drive him to the cabin the sketchy dudes have. He can’t raise any of the other crew there, which seems like a huge issue. On the Raza Android and Six are talking about him settling back into his life on the ship. Android says that he seems much more relaxed and makes a few notes about his analysis, including him eating more because he’s more relaxed. As they finish talking the Raza alerts them that the station they stopped at has gone into cyber lock down and sent a coded message to the Galactic Authority. Three is with the witness who tells him that no matter what is happening he can’t take on the brothers who took Five alone. In their cabin Five is threatening them with a spoon and they definitely underestimate her. She winds up stabbing one in the ear. After that they knock her back out. Three says he’s going to go get her, even though the guy helping him out says that he really shouldn’t. When Three gets out he starts the car and drives away. We get to see the Galactic Authority getting suited up and Inspector Kierken, who is suddenly clean shaven, is ready to take them down.


Nyx, Two, and Four are still playing the guessing game and when Two tries to hail Three and Five someone informs her that coms are down for the entire station. Three is trying to get to Five, but still doesn’t know that the coms are down. As he makes his way to the cabin he has to deal with some pretty extensive booby traps, including trip wire and hidden bear traps. Four, Two, and Nyx are working to try and sneak out of the station, but the GA have arrived. It turns out that these GA aren’t real GA, but clone GA. That’s actually how they arrived at the station so quickly, but still doesn’t explain why Kierken showed up scruffless. Three is using the booby traps to his advantage and takes out one of the guys. It turns out that Five was just kidnapped by human traffickers. Really creepy human traffickers who would probably be friends with Buffalo Bill. Three takes all the sketchy dudes down, at least the ones in the cabin, and wakes up Five. She’s still a little out of it, but the brothers dosed her pretty good before Three got there. Four, Nyx, and Two manage to steal some GA gear and take down some of the cloned GA, to help them get out. Three gets the keys to the brothers’ jeep, but after saying everything will be alright someone is at the door right at the moment Three tries to leave. Six and Android are trying to figure out how to help the rest of the crew, she knows that the crew is still okay, but when Six asks if Android can help him clone transfer down to the station she refuses. Android says that she isn’t allowed to let him leave the ship, but he says that it would be his clone. After revealing that she could kill him in a heartbeat, she says that the Marauder is back. Three got shot, but thankfully it’s a through and through. He says he needs Five to cauterize the wound, so she douses it in alcohol and shoves a branding iron on it. Three screams bloody murder, but it sounds like it worked. Kierken finds the fruit merchant who tells him about seeing Three and Five, then witness guy tells the GA about them. He thinks he’s helping, but he might have messed up. Nyx actually says that if they let the GA get Five and Three that they’d probably be able to find them a lot faster. Six says that they need to get them back fast. The rest of the Raza crew is armed and ready to get their team back. Android says that an attack won’t be necessary, instead she gives them coordinates to the rural area that Three and Five are reported to be at. Before Three and Five can leave the GA have already set up a perimeter.


Kierken is reliving the events that took place on the farm, this is very Sherlock. Hm, maybe that’s why he shaved. Sorry, I’m just distracted by his lack of facial hair. I’ve totally never seen him without it before. It’s like he’s naked! Actually no I think I’ve seen him naked, so maybe like he’s in a giant pink bunny suit. Yeah, I’m going with that. Five and Three are trying to walk back to the station, she’s worried about him, but lies and says she’s tired and needs a break so that he’ll stop trying to walk. Five tells him to stop underestimating her, but he says that he stopped underestimating her when she snuck into his room and took the bullets out of his gun, he just doesn’t want her to get hurt. Three says that the man after them won’t stop tracking them until he gets them, so while he might be injured the two of them are going to keep moving. Two has the Marauder fly down for a closer look because she can’t check for heat signatures. Three is too weak to keep going and tells Five they are going to split up. When she refuses to leave him he starts insulting her and he says the title to her, and she starts crying. She says that she’s crying because she knows what he’s trying to do, but she doesn’t want to leave him. He tells her to go and she insists that he give her the gun or get rid of it so the GA won’t have a reason to shoot him. Three just says please, multiple times, and Five wishes him good luck as she runs. He really isn’t doing well and snow is starting to fall. Even though he’s injured and hiding, Three starts shooting at the GA. Kierken wants him alive and insists his men stop shooting. As Three is trying to reload, Kierken appears and tells him that he’s under arrest. Kierken throws an interrogation pod into the air and when Three is asked to identify himself he refuses, then he refuses to explain anything about the events they are wanted for. Three is fading fast, but it turns out that Kierken knows that a massive battle is coming and he thinks that what Three knows could help him stop it from happening. Then he threatens Five, if Three refuses to help him. Kierken says that no matter what he says today it won’t matter because the Raza crew has broken so many laws they’ll go to prison for a very long time no matter what. He can erase Five’s record and give her a new chance at life, if Three will just cooperate. Five finds a weapons vehicle, with a massive gun in it. The Marauder is running a sweep and Kierken sees them. The GA has a weapon prepped to shoot them down and he tells Three he can save them all if he tells him what happened. Three says that he ran the mission himself, with a separate crew including Wexler and Tasha. Kierken then says to take down the Marauder anyway. Before they can fire, Five shoots off her weapon, which knocks literally all the GA out. Three was already down and managed to get Kierken’s gun, he threatens to shoot him unless the other GA drop their weapons. Even if he is a clone, Three killing him would erase the memories he has. Two and the others arrive and instead of killing the clone, Three destroys the interrogation pod. Three is recovering back on the Raza and Five checks in on him. He also pushes her to thank him for saving her. She made him some oatmeal, with the super gross fruit that she made him buy. Six is keeping up on recent news and uprisings are on the rise. Two says that everything always eventually resets itself. Six says that they have the power to make a difference and that they could finish them all off. Two says that this would lead to chaos and anarachy, but Six says that the people could take care of themselves, but that they could step in and help them if an issue became to big to handle.


Four and Nyx are both sleeping, but Four is having some very intense dreams about people from his past. He wakes up and goes to speak to Android, he shows her his neural imprint and says that he wants to upload it and regain his past memories. That is one way to end an episode on a cliffhanger. With Four regaining his memories how will that change his relationship to the crew? With Android’s help will he be able to keep his new identify as Four? We shall see very soon since the next episode literally started seconds after this one.

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