@DarkHarvest420 Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Dark Harvest is a gritty thriller that revolves around marijuana growers as they try and cope with the coming of legalization. While not only dealing with a massive change in the industry, the main character, Carter, learns of the death of one of his friends. In that moment his life is turned upside down as an unexpected series of events begin to unfold around him.

I can’t say much more about the plot of the movie without ruining the twists and turns of the elaborate story line, but I will say that you should trust absolutely no one. There are so many secrets surrounding Carter that you could never guess all of them. I was astonished at some of the reveals and I still can’t get over how the killer was able to get to his victim. You need to pay attention during this movie or you will miss something, especially when the police get involved.


The chemistry between all of the actors was remarkable. They all seemed so at ease and the dialogue flowed so naturally, it was a pleasure to see all of them on screen together. This was especially true in scenes between James Hutson and Cheech Marin and in scenes between Hutson and A.C. Peterson. Now I will say that some of the characters just aren’t likable, but they aren’t designed to be. I applaud the actors for portraying these characters so genuinely, especially Peterson as Bernie. He did a great job of making me interested in a character who was in some scenes just terrifying. Beyond the acting I really enjoyed the time lapse moments within the film.


I did enjoy the movie, but I did have a small issue with the female characters. Alexis, played by Chelsey Reist, moved along the plot a bit, but I felt that she could have been utilized more within the story. There was also a very uncomfortable scene involving two male characters and a female character, again if I reveal too much I could spoil the plot of the film for you. Within the scene there’s a kiss that is in no way consensual, which I felt wasn’t entirely necessary to the movement of the plot. Again, overall I did like the movie. The acting was exceptional and the story itself was intriguing and kept me guessing the entire time. I would highly suggest it to anyone who enjoys suspenseful films and especially those who enjoy murder mysteries.


If you are interested in hearing more about the movie from James Hutson himself I recently had the opportunity to interview him all about Dark Harvest. You can learn more about where you can see the film by checking out the Dark Harvest Facebook page, their Twitter, @DarkHarvest420, or the official Dark Harvest website. You can also check out the official trailer below:

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