Remote: Dead Air @DoubleTakeNYC Comics Review from @kleffnotes

Remote: Dead Air is a comic that will constantly keep you on your toes and right at the last minute startle you with a larger than life surprise. We open with Samantha Stanton, a seemingly average young woman working at a radio station on the night of April 24th, 1966. She finds herself forced to run the station alone after an unexpected zombie outbreak isolates her within the building. Yes, that’s right zombies. I told you this comic would keep you on your toes.

With Sam in control she sets to work training the zombies to help her run the station by rewarding them with bulk rate candy. Her boss is off exploring the world with what I can only think to describe as a harem, but he doesn’t care what happens in Evans County as long as Sam keeps running ads. She starts using all the words the FCC has banned and with her star rising she begins setting up elaborate zombie games including The Dating Game and Hollywood Squares. With her increasing disregard for the regulations of the radio she finds herself the target of a rival religious broadcaster, referred to by her boss as The Thumper. When he takes to the streets to take down the salacious Samantha he finds himself dealing with a much bigger problem than he anticipated.


I absolutely loved this comic. Samantha was hilarious and honestly an amazing role model. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and just keeps being awesome. Even though her boss isn’t helping her at all she just keeps chugging along. Sam also just gets more interesting as the story progresses, she is a survivor and will be the last one standing no matter who comes against her. The art for this comic is really delightful. It is so detailed and the color work is so eye catching. I also love the little sly things like the fake ads and the altered television shows. This is the perfect series for anyone looking for an amazing female character as well as anyone who loves zombies.


Remote is also part of a much larger story that encompasses the entire Double Take universe. These stories are set within the world established by the classic horror film, The Night of the Living Dead. You can read each comic separately or as a connected story. Remote has a map that shows how each of the comics is related. You can read this and their nine other titles on the Double Take Universe website. The first two issues of Remote are free! They also have a Kickstarter to help fund their awesome comics.


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