Blast From The Past: The Last American Virgin via @erinwise82

Now this is really a Blast From The Past because technically this is before my time…well actually came out the same year I was born haha. I am a huge fan of the 80’s, the music, the movies, the shows, yep, I love it all. This movie is no exception to my love of the 80’s.

This coming of age film is super hilarious, and I mean super hilarious. Now, like all coming of age movies from it’s time, it does have the “love triangle”….what I like to call “the moral of the story is nice guys finish last”. But really, I about die laughing every single time I watch it! It also had one of the best soundtracks from that time out there.

Sex, Drugs, Music….sounds like a great time to me…..come on guys, I meant for a movie, geez.


We start out with three high schoolers, Gary, a pizza delivery boy, David, the loudmouth who can get you anything you want, and Rick, the heartthrob. They are trying to lose their virginity anyway they can, though I highly, highly doubt Rick is a virgin, like no way. Dude is too smooth. These guys even grab a trio of girls and lie about having drugs specifically cocaine, to get some action. Which turns into a wild debacle involving parents! So funny.



Gary meets new student Karen and immediately falls for her. Unfortunately for Gary, Rick already made his move. Karen does try to fix Gary up with her bestie Rose, though he doesn’t really care for her. The foursome does have a make out session that ends with their car in the ocean. So much hijinks.


Despite Karen and Rose, the boys still are out to get laid by pretty much any woman that will have them. It leads them to so many hysterical misfortunes. From being caught at a pizza customer’s house by her “sailor”….to banging a hooker and getting “lice”, as they tell the store clerk.


The boys friendship is tested when Rick knocks up Karen and wants nothing to do with her. Good ole Gary to the rescue, helping her “fix” the problem. Being there for her, helping her through everything, leads Gary to believe he’s won her over……but she still likes Rick.

This movie is extremely entertaining, another one of my all time faves. I didn’t really care for the whole pregnancy thing being thrown in there, but I get it. Gotta show the downside of sex when making a movie about teens.

Is there anyone out there who has seen this movie? At least one person?

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