Interview with Andre Colquhoun from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to chat via email with Andre Colquhoun, who recently released his debut EP Short Term. In companion with this release he also released a music video that provides visuals for all of the songs on the EP. Colquhoun is also an actor, but the focus of this article is primarily Short Term. Thank you so much to Andre Colquhoun for giving me this opportunity to ask him questions. Continue reading “Interview with Andre Colquhoun from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Bree Taylor from @kleffnotes

I had the chance to chat with Bree Taylor about her recent single, Cry. She has made the transition to country in a great way and she was open to discussing this shift. Thank you to Bree Taylor for answering all of my questions. Continue reading “Interview with Bree Taylor from @kleffnotes”

Christmas In July: Jolly Tunes to Beat The Heat from @MarzyMartian

It’s the most dreadful time of the year. The time when thermostats are set low, heatwaves are way too high, and everyone keeps talking about how much they yearn for the cooler autumn and winter months. While I’m no genie and do not possess the power to change the weather for everyone, I can provide a little bit of a cool thought.

Christmas in July! Continue reading “Christmas In July: Jolly Tunes to Beat The Heat from @MarzyMartian”

Boy Untitled EP and Poetry Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mark Tennyson recently released his EP Boy Untitled, which is a five part musical and visual epic that has an additional creative companion work. This EP connects with a collection of poetry titled, A Wander’s Love Letter to the Universe. The five songs on the album connect with the five parts of the poetry book, which creates a beautifully vivid world for the reader and listener. There is a sixth song on the EP, but it is a live version of an earlier song in the list. While the poetry is non-linear the works it contains and the music it connects to were all inspired by a period of transition and growth in Tennyson’s life. From marriage to the loss of his father, he found himself growing and changing a great deal, which led him to find his creative impetus for this project. Continue reading “Boy Untitled EP and Poetry Book Review from @kleffnotes”

PVRIS “Death Of Me” Has Music Fans Dying for More from @MarzyMartian

…And just like that, the music scene of 2019 has been revived and stabilized.

Following up with their 2017 AWKOHAWNOH (All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell) sophomore album, PVRIS has renovated their look, sound, and record deal. Once signed to Rise Records, the group has a new deal with Warner Music. I personally believe this will give them more space to grow into their defining sound, as well as give them a bigger platform and spotlight, both well deserved and earned.

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Interview with Donovan Holden from @kleffnotes

Donovan Holden, an Ohio native who ultimately wound up in Los Angeles, has recently released a new music collection, ‘A Brighter Day,’ and I had the opportunity to talk with him about his work. From a young age he has been influenced by a variety of music genres and this has helped him to create three diverse albums. I appreciate him taking the time to answer all of my questions about his life and work. Continue reading “Interview with Donovan Holden from @kleffnotes”

K’s Choice Former Lead Singer Sarah Bettens Headlines Velvet Ibiza’s Fifth Anniversary Epic Bash! from @kleffnotes

Velvet Ibiza, Europe’s most epic queer women party, has hit the five year mark and the celebrate they are creating an event for the books. The talented Sarah Bettens will be headline and bring some fantastic energy and music to the stage. The magic and power of this event is something that so many LGBTQ+ women will be traveling to experience and you can be one of them.

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New Single “Lightning” from @janapochop Song Recommendation from @kleffnotes

Austin based songwriter Jana Pochop has released a new single “Lightning” that evokes feelings of love and longing through her beautiful lyrics paired with a gorgeous cello accompaniment. This single follows up her 2014 EP Throats Are Quarries, both of which were produced by Daniel Barrett. “Lightning” showcases Pochop’s talent of blending fearlessness and vulnerability within her lyrics.  Continue reading “New Single “Lightning” from @janapochop Song Recommendation from @kleffnotes”