K’s Choice Former Lead Singer Sarah Bettens Headlines Velvet Ibiza’s Fifth Anniversary Epic Bash! from @kleffnotes

Velvet Ibiza, Europe’s most epic queer women party, has hit the five year mark and the celebrate they are creating an event for the books. The talented Sarah Bettens will be headline and bring some fantastic energy and music to the stage. The magic and power of this event is something that so many LGBTQ+ women will be traveling to experience and you can be one of them.

Running from May 7-12, this 5 day and 5 night event is an all inclusive party experience in beautiful Ibiza, Spain. In just a few years it has become a holy ground for queer women. Created and produced by Carine De Mesmaeker, the person behind one of the biggest LGBTQ+ women events in Brussels, Belgium, Velvet 69. Velvet Ibiza made a splash by being the first ever queer women’s event in the LGBT friendly space. What makes this event so impressive is the diversity of the people who travel to Velvet Ibiza with people coming from all over the world to take part in this event. In this celebration of the community there is no judgement of anyone there.

This year Velvet Ibiza returns to the place that it all began, The Club Punta Arabi. It is a 4 star hotel and Punta Arabi is the site of a historical Hippie Market. This location founded in 1973 is the largest and oldest market on the island. Tickets are all inclusive and include 5 nights in bungalow, all 3 meals, day and night activities & parties, transportation from airport to resort, and all drinks until 11pm. This literally puts the party right on your doorstep and allows for a really strong feeling of community.

There are pool parties, sports tournaments, club nights, and the infamous duck race. There will be top female DJs from Europe and America as well as live music from Sarah Bettens. As the headliner Bettens will be doing an acoustic set on May 10th as well as a meet and greet. Bettens is known worldwide and her music has been licensed to the National Football League, PSA’s for a drug free Amerika, CNN, Party of Five, the new 90210, Army wives, and the L Word. She has also released 4 solo albums: Go, Scream, Shine and Never Say Goodbye. Magical bonds will be formed at this event and on the final day  De Mesmaeker will be found out hugging attendees. Velvet Ibiza is a place focused on inclusion for all women. You can find out more on their website.

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