Demons #1 and #2 Comic Review ( @tyler_c_world @InsaneComics ) from @kleffnotes

Detective Ace Carter finds himself thrown into a world of demonic beings and hellish cults in the first two issues of Demons. Things hit much closer to home than he anticipated as he attempts to unravel this mystery.

While chasing after a suspect, Ace is forced to shoot. He’s astonished when the man’s body turns into something demonic. In an attempt to understand just what this could mean Ace goes to church. When he speaks with the priest and we learn that his family has had a run in with demons before. As the priest recounts a horrifying night, he reveals that there is a secret task force that hunts down demons. As Ace continues his work he reveals a connection between demonic activity in town. In the second issue we see the cult leader and learn of his sinister plan.


I was very intrigued by the premise of this comic. While I was reading it I got a bit of a Constantine feel from Ace’s character, which I really enjoyed. Not only is he trying to understand the demonic powers he has suddenly come in contact with, but he is also trying to understand what has happened to his family. I loved the introduction of Agent Chloe Waters and I am interested in seeing her work alongside Ace. The backstory behind the priest Ace speaks with surprised me and I am very curious to see just what he knows about this cult and their leader. I also really enjoyed the art in Demons, not only do the demons look great, but it reminds me of one of my favorite animes, Death Note.


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