@StarsEndComic @InsaneComics Review ( @realsmashcomix @thedarkmother ) from @kleffnotes

What if an alien people, the annunaki, had taken animals with them when they left our planet 6,000 years ago? After a great deal of experimentation and manufactured evolution roughly 500 years from now these new blended animal beings, the n’naki, are the highest members of society. They have created a galactic parliament and under their rule humans have become the working class, with little to no rights in this new society. In the first issue of Star’s End we are introduced to a pod of n’naki, which means a team of these beings raised together and trained to act as a team to help support their parliament, who have been sent on a mission that takes a very dangerous turn. Continue reading “@StarsEndComic @InsaneComics Review ( @realsmashcomix @thedarkmother ) from @kleffnotes”

Faith Fallon #1-#5 @InsaneComics Review from @kleffnotes

Steven Pennella’s Faith Fallon series published by Insane Comics will ultimately be a 12 issue run and I had the chance to check out the first five issues of the series. This visually captivating comic is focused on Faith Fallon. She was once America’s sweetheart in the 1950’s and as her career began to fail and spiral downward she was found dead in her bedroom. The first four issues of the series examine Faith’s past, but the fifth issue is focused on her death and the moment that will change her path forever. Continue reading “Faith Fallon #1-#5 @InsaneComics Review from @kleffnotes”

#Snarl @InsaneComics Review ( @KellyBender17 @nkellnk28 @joshj81f1 @micahmyers ) from @kleffnotes

Snarl is a supernatural thriller that feels like a cop drama melded with the show Supernatural. It focuses on two detectives and their search to learn just what has happened to eight missing women in Seattle, Washington. What makes this case so frustrating for the police is that their only suspect seems to be a werewolf. Continue reading “#Snarl @InsaneComics Review ( @KellyBender17 @nkellnk28 @joshj81f1 @micahmyers ) from @kleffnotes”