Faith Fallon #1-#5 @InsaneComics Review from @kleffnotes

Steven Pennella’s Faith Fallon series published by Insane Comics will ultimately be a 12 issue run and I had the chance to check out the first five issues of the series. This visually captivating comic is focused on Faith Fallon. She was once America’s sweetheart in the 1950’s and as her career began to fail and spiral downward she was found dead in her bedroom. The first four issues of the series examine Faith’s past, but the fifth issue is focused on her death and the moment that will change her path forever.

Faith Fallon is an artistically engaging series that blends a variety of media elements together to create a story that you will find yourself fully engaged by. Pennella uses a variety of overlays to create a beautiful amount of depth within his scenes. As the story of Faith’s life is shared in some sections readers are shown film like elements in which characters appear in film reel style cutouts. These are layered over larger images with additional details. The elements that I found the most interesting were those that combined television broadcasts and images of people reacting to the news of Faith’s death with images of faith. Visually this is a wonderful series full of exceptional artwork.

The plot of the Faith Fallon series moves between narrations from various characters in connection to the main character. Most often Faith is our main voice, but there are others who talk about Faith’s life. We also see scenes that Faith would not have been privy too, but the switch between her voice and the overall story is well done. It did take me a bit of time to get used to Pennella’s story telling style, but after issue one I was more comfortable following his plotting. The story draws from 1950’s history and provides some lovely nods to larger historical moments as well.

This is a very mature series and does contain references and depictions of violence, rape, and murder. For those of you looking for a new and interesting series to check out this series is something you should put on your read list. I am very interested to see how this story progresses, especially with Faith’s past coming back in a very surprising way at the end of issue five.

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