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Actress Mekia Cox has been very busy. But having roles on Secrets and Lies, Chicago Med and Impastor hasn’t slowed her down.  She’s focused on giving the best performance in these roles and values that the women she plays are strong characters.

I recently spoke with Mekia about Amanda, Robin and Jasmine as well as her inspiration in playing these characters.  She is very passionate in what she does and strives to give her best in these roles. Read on to find out what she had to say.



You have roles in three television shows.  How has it been finding an acting balance playing these different characters?

“Well luckily they don’t all shoot at the same time so that was good. But I would say that there are some similarities between Amanda and Robin.  They’re both very driven, they’re passionate about what they do and helping others.  So that helped.  My character on Impastor was different (laughs) but it was also a comedy so it was kind of fun for me to sort of let go of these two intense characters.  My Impastor character was intense in her own way as well actually (laughs) I got to have fun with Jasmine on Impastor.”

What attracted you to these parts?

“You know I feel like growing up watching The Cosby Show with Phylicia Rashad as a lawyer, she was someone I feel like young women should inspire to be like.  So whenever I see roles like that I feel I’m automatically drawn to them because of that.  Amanda is a very strong figure, so is Robin so I think it’s those types of roles I tend to be drawn to. I have a couple of aunts who are nurses and I have been able to take from them and use a couple of those qualities in my characters’ lives. I have a lot of positive women in my life that I look up to so I strive to find roles like that.”

What do you like best about your character Amanda on Secrets and Lies?

“I like that she’s got a little bit of sass but it’s not overbearing sass, it’s kind of like the right amount of sass. Like I said before, I do like how passionate she is about what she does and about helping her family.  I’m a big believer in family first and I think she’s like that too.  I also like that she’s able to stand up to Cornell and I don’t think that they’ve had a lot of characters that have been able to actually do that so that’s good to be able to play with.”

What has been your favorite scene you’ve played so far as Amanda?

“It was the Thanksgiving scene in the Pilot because that was the first time that a majority of the cast was actually there and together. It felt like we were literally having Thanksgiving dinner, we laughed, we joked and it was a really good time on set.  It was the first time that we got together and sort of felt like a real family.”

Tell us a little about your character D. Robin Charles on Chicago Med?

“As I’ve said she has some similarities to Amanda, but I think where they differ is where it comes to family. Unfortunately she did not grow up with her father around her at all times and I think that she missed that a little bit.  It has caused a rift between her and her father.  They’re trying to work on that even though at times it may not look like she’s trying (laughs).  But she’s trying in her own way to figure out how to mend this relationship. But I think that it is hard for the both of them to try to figure out how to do that.”

Which of your characters Amanda, Robin or Impastor’s Jasmine are you most like?

“I would have to say probably Amanda.  I would have said Robin but because she doesn’t have that relationship with her father that’s where we differ. As I’ve said, family comes first with me.  I had a very good relationship with my father who unfortunately passed when I was seventeen. In my family circuit we have a very strong bond and love each other dearly.  And I think that because of that is closer to Amanda’s life than it is Robin’s.”

How has the social media response been to you and your characters?

“It’s actually been really good and really nice. I’ve got some really great supporters which is awesome (laughs).  Sometimes we as actors we look at our work and see every little flaw there is to see.  But then we get on Twitter and people are saying all of these nice things, it really does help. I don’t think people realize how much it helps.”

You’re very busy in front of the camera right now.  But do you have any dreams of someday stepping behind it?

“I do actually.  It’s funny because I didn’t realize I had that passion until I started a production company with my best friend that I went to college with. We do our own original plays and we direct them as well.  So, I realized that I had a passion for being behind the camera not just dueling working in front and behind but just directing. I like to either do one or other, being in front or behind.  We also have another production company called Forty-Two Seven Productions and we have started to do shows at the W Hotel both out here in LA and in New York. That sort of takes care of also my perform-age by helping other people to show their talents.  There’s a lot of talent out there that isn’t always seen. It is something that I am doing currently and that I aspire to do more of being behind the camera.”

In closing, what would you like to say to your fans?

“Thank you for being a fan of mine.  I haven’t reached anywhere never super stardom or anything so I appreciate you for being so supportive.  And keep watching and supporting.”


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