Happy Birthday @MekiaCox via @stacyamiller85 #SecretsandLies #ChicagoMed

Mekia Cox is a multi-talented performer. An actress and dancer committed to excellence in whatever project she’s involved with.  And recently, Mekia has been very busy with roles on three television series: Secrets and Lies, Chicago and Impastor.  She appears to not let anything stop her and meets challenges head on.

Mekia played the role of Sasha for two seasons on 90210 and other notable television series like CSI:NY and Bones. As a dancer, she has appeared in the documentary film of Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

I spoke with Mekia about her roles on Secrets and Lies, Chicago and Impastor.  I found her to be someone who takes her craft seriously and values her family.  So on this November 18 your birthday, Mekia I wish your continued happiness and much success in your career.  I know there are great things in store for you in your future.




Comments? Sound off below.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .

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