The Sixsmiths Volume 1 @CaliberComics Review from @kleffnotes

The Sixsmiths are just your typical suburban family living in Albert Hills, Victoria, except they just so happen to be satanists. In volume one we meet Ralf, Annie, Lilith, Cain, and estranged eldest daughter, Jezabelle. For the most part the family has been doing pretty well until they receive the shocking news that Ralf has lost his job. What is a satanist to do?As Ralf hunts for jobs, Annie turns to religion to help their family cope and the two children living at home, Lilith and Cain, find themselves having to transfer to a new public school. We get to see as the family works to transition into their new way of life, while also learning a bit about the wild Jezabelle. What makes this series so fun to read is that everything that happens just seems so normal. When I was trying to think of the best way to explain it I actually thought of the American television classic, Happy Days, but if Richie and his family had more tattoos and occasionally listened to death metal. Ralf is just trying to find a way to support his family, which is met with some obstacles, including trying to fix a copier. In Annie’s attempts to keep the family together she looks to video games and at one point even a strip club for help. Cain is trying to woo a school goth named Janey, while also just really wanting to play the bass. Lilith finds herself becoming one of the popular girls and also learns something about her sister.


This comic is definitely for mature audiences, while the humor is great and the art gives me happy and nostalgic thoughts of when I used to read the daily comics in the local paper, there are definitely some very adult moments. One of them is actually my favorite part of volume one. When Annie goes to see their minister the two of them just start having sex while he gives her advice. I also absolutely love the copier room scene with Ralf. I really enjoyed this first volume and I’ll be reading and reviewing volume two very soon. You can check out more details about this work and some other by Jason Franks on his website. The Sixsmiths volume one will be available in comic book stores starting in January 2017 through Caliber Comics.


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