Why I Love Batwoman from @kleffnotes ( @DCComics )

I have loved Batman ever since I was a little kid. I have very clear memories of my face practically smashed against the tv set watching Batman: The Animated Series every afternoon on Cartoon Network. This love of Batman continued on as I got older and started watching Batman Beyond, all of the Batman movies, and began my journey into comic books. I would read random Batman comics, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually began really delving into the Batman comics universe.

At the same time that I was trying to grow my knowledge of the Batman universe I was also reading Sam Magg’s Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy. One of her sections is devoted to female characters in pop culture and this is what led me to my new comic book obsession, Batwoman. I found some of the graphic novels connected to her New 52 plot and started reading. I immediately ordered Hydrology and then DC Bombshells, where Batwoman also plays a major role. I’ve recently finished all of Batwoman’s New 52 run and have been keeping up with her character in the current run of Detective Comics within DC Rebirth. I was ecstatic to hear that Batwoman will be getting her own monthly comic in 2017. It is totally going on my pull list as soon as it comes out.


What I love about Batwoman is that, while her character shares some similarities with Batman, she doesn’t actually want to be like him. Kate Kane’s decision to become Batwoman was motivated by her desire to help people after she found herself sort of floundering to find a purpose after being dismissed from West Point. She had been a promising cadet, until she was asked to either confirm or deny her sexuality. Kate is a lesbian and instead of lying to her superior officer, she instead embraces her identity and is forced to leave the military. Her father, who is a lifelong military man, accepts his daughter’s decision and actually helps her become Batwoman.


This familial connection remains a constant throughout all of the Batwoman plots as we learn more about Kate’s life and her twin sister. We also get to see her develop a relationship with Detective Maggie Sawyer, which even results in a marriage proposal. Batwoman comics also revealed to me the more magic focused stories that have been growing within the Batman Universe. I am always excited to read anything with Batwoman in it and she has taken over as my favorite DC hero. I can’t wait to read her solo comics next year. I’m even planning a Batwoman cosplay for Free Comic Book Day.


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