Why I Love Batwoman from @kleffnotes ( @DCComics )

I have loved Batman ever since I was a little kid. I have very clear memories of my face practically smashed against the tv set watching Batman: The Animated Series every afternoon on Cartoon Network. This love of Batman continued on as I got older and started watching Batman Beyond, all of the Batman movies, and began my journey into comic books. I would read random Batman comics, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually began really delving into the Batman comics universe. Continue reading “Why I Love Batwoman from @kleffnotes ( @DCComics )”

Fangirl Freakouts: The Killing Joke ( @DCComics ) from @kleffnotes

Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Tara Strong in one movie, yes please! This week’s Fangirl Freakouts video is all about Batman: The Killing Joke. I read the comic and watched the animated movie, then spent a lot of time freaking out about it. Share your Batman related thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog, kleffnotes.wordpress.com, I run The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp, and I post recipes on the iZombie Support Group site. Continue reading Fangirl Freakouts: The Killing Joke ( @DCComics ) from @kleffnotes

@HoudiniandDoyle Bedtime Reading and Assassins from @kleffnotes

The finale of Houdini and Doyle was last night and it was so full of amazing moments that it was hard to narrow down just what I wanted to talk about this week. There was an entire town killed under mysterious circumstances, visions of Houdini’s mother, and Adelaide’s continuing investigation into her husband’s affairs. I finally decided that I would focus on two interesting events that tied in with two things I love. Continue reading “@HoudiniandDoyle Bedtime Reading and Assassins from @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: @BatmanvSuperman Review from @kleffnotes

I finally got to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and it dawned on me that you might want to see some sort of review. Yep, that’s a terrible pun, but now everything after it will just seem that much more awesome by comparison. My latest Fangirl Freakouts video is all about the movie and is mostly spoiler free. I mention one spoiler, but there’s warning I promise. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: @BatmanvSuperman Review from @kleffnotes”