Book Review: Engaged to An Alien Pop Star by @kendrybird via @tdmiller820917

Kendra L. Saunders continues her enchanting tale of love, friendship, political intrigue and perseverance with Engaged to An Alien Pop Star. This much anticipated sequel to the marvelous Dating An Alien Pop Star allows readers to see how life has been for music lover Daisy Kirkwood and her alien born prince from the planet Kalesstria, Griffin Valentino.

At the outset, readers will remember that Daisy left Earth with Griffin for his home planet as he dealt with some of the issues plaguing his people. Through her insightful and appealing writing style, Saunders reminds readers how much of a partnership Daisy and Griffin have. Daisy comforts Griffin and he relies on her.

Engaged to An Alien Pop Star retains the heart and humor of its worthy predecessor. Despite the upheaval that these characters may find themselves, this is, after all, a story about relationships: We see Daisy and Griffin, Griffin and his best friend Devon, Daisy and her best friend Kammie. All of these characters are so uniquely drawn and well developed.

Griffin is a marvelous character because there is so much to uncover about him. His outrageous fashion sense and never-ending curiosity about the behavior of people on Earth is so endearing. But he is also a study in contradictions: He possesses a childlike wonderment yet fully embraces his sexuality. He is overly confident that he will always be a beloved pop star yet he is uncertain when it comes to living up to his father’s expectations of him. Often, it is Daisy and Devon who remind Griffin of all he has to offer.

Like Griffin, Daisy is a wonderful character. This small town girl turned New York City dweller with an insatiable love for music is also a study in contradictions: She is self assured when it comes to how she can help Griffin navigate his way around Earth yet she is insecure about how she deals with Kalesstria and Griffin’s father.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but Daisy reaches inside of herself and discovers a true hero when she helps in saving Earth from an unlikely and disgusting menace.

Further, Daisy’s friend Kammie and Robert, a new character, lend support to this sequel and enrich the narrative. Saunders is so attuned with her writer’s voice that she can initiate scenes where multiple characters are present and so much dialogue is bandied about in the scene. Yet, the dialogue is befitting of whomever is speaking. Capturing character nuances is no easy task but for the writer who is able to devote time and attention to several characters in a single scene, I feel, is quite impressive skill.

Engaged to An Alien Pop Star is a captivating sequel worthy of reader attention. I highly recommend this book.

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