Book Review: When Darkness Breaks by @tmsanders2014 via @tdmiller820917

Author Traci Sanders has crafted a poignant story of love, hope, forgiveness and renewal in her emotionally captivating treasure, When Darkness Breaks. The allure of this book is that these emotions are universal. While the circumstances in which the characters find themselves may not mirror our own experiences, we can, perhaps, painfully recall moments in our lives when we lost everything and couldn’t see beyond the darkness that engulfed us. Yet, life is full of promise where the sun lurks behind a cloudy day. And when darkness breaks, a new day can begin to once again champion hope.

Drake and Amber Woods were a young couple who married after a whirlwind courtship; they built a life together that centered around their children and careers. Drake’s strained relationship with his mother-in-law was a source of contention, yet the Woods love for each other and their children was unquestioned. However, one day Fate cruelly intervened in this love story when an unforeseen tragedy created a barrier between the couple. Subsequently, betrayal became the Woods’ Mt. Everest, a seemingly impossible obstacle for Drake and Amber to scale. As a result, Drake formed a kinship with alcohol while Amber concentrated on raising their children. In addition, Drake’s absence at events in their children’s lives and his behavior towards Amber caused her to question their marriage. Yet, when another tragedy occurs, the darkness that has embroiled Drake and Amber seems poised to signal new beginnings for them.

Sanders has crafted a modern day love story full of heartache yet resonating with hope and triumph. Drake is an emotionally damaged man whose demons lead him on a destructive path.  He must learn how to trust himself and the power of his and Amber’s love. As much as he needs Amber’s forgiveness, I would argue that Drake has to find a way to first forgive himself.

Amber is a great character because she moves from vulnerability to strength throughout the book. At first glance, one might see the long suffering wife of a cheating husband. But this assessment fails to take into account Amber’s resiliency, as readers will discover.

Sanders’ writing style is both honest and inviting. She has impeccably captured Drake and Amber in both personality and voice. While an author’s ability to paint description is a praise worthy gift, when that same author can stir emotion (regardless of whether the emotion is joy or sorrow), that is the mark of true talent. Sanders is the kind of author that readers should seek. When Darkness Breaks is the kind of book that readers will remember.

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