@YogaHosers Review from @kleffnotes ( @ThatKevinSmith @HarleyQSmith @LilyRoseMelDepp )

Yoga Hosers is the sort of sequel to Kevin Smith’s frighteningly weird movie Tusk. It takes place in the same universe, but instead of focusing on what became of the Walrus of Winnipeg, it instead examines the lives of The Colleens. These two teenage girls work at the Eh 2 Zed, a convenience store, that a number of characters visited in Tusk. Even though they were briefly sort of local celebrities for helping save the Manatee of Manitoba, same thing as the Walrus of Winnipeg, Colleen and Colleen are still stuck working crappy shifts at the store.

When I started this movie I honestly wasn’t sure what direction it would go in. After watching Tusk and having no idea how that plot was going to evolve I just wasn’t sure what to expect. Right off the bat this movie had a different feel to it. With The Colleens being much younger the movie just feels more light. The best way I could think to explain this would be to take the movie Clerks, add in some elements from Clerks 2, with aspects of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and then set it in the world of Degrassi. The Colleens frequently close the store for band practice and when they find out they can’t go to a Year 12 party, they decide to close the store early for the night so that the party can come to them. This decision is actually what leads to their discovery of the evil Bratzis, mini Nazis made out of bratwurst who butt in and murder people. Yoga Hosers does have a lot going on with Colleen and Colleen having to deal with satanists, finding out about Canadian Nazis, fighting off Bratzis, and not being able to use their phones during the big boss battle.


Lily Depp and Harley Quinn Smith did a really good job in this movie. They played off of each other so well and they pulled off some pretty great fight work. Plus both women surprised me by singing multiple times in Yoga Hosers and they sounded awesome. I’m very curious to see what they’ll be doing in the future because they honestly rocked it out in this film. Not only did they do a remarkable job, but the characters they were playing are kick butt. They are the ones saving the day and they are the ones taking down the Nazi monsters. The Colleens also aren’t willing to succumb to peer pressure and when things get uncomfortable with her crush Colleen M is more than ready to put a kibosh on his plans. I can see this movie playing really well with teenage girls, but I also had a fun time watching it. If you’re looking for a funny movie with fun characters I would definitely check out Yoga Hosers, you can find it on Netflix now.


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