@LuciferonFOX Character Profile: Amenadiel from @kleffnotes

With no new episodes of Lucifer until next year this seemed like the perfect time to examine some of the characters in more detail. For this first week of Lucifer profiles we’ll focus on Amenadiel, Lucifer’s angelic brother played by D.B. Woodside.

As many know, Lucifer the show is inspired by the character and comic book series from Vertigo Comics. Originally Lucifer was part of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, which is actually where we’ll start. Before he came to Los Angeles, the fallen angel no longer wanted to rule over Hell. Deals were made and in order to keep Hell from falling into chaos, two angels were sent to take over for him, Duma and Remiel.


Within the series there is an actual Amenadiel, but I personally don’t see a big connection between the television version and the comic book version. Amenadiel in the comics is part of the host of Heaven and pushes to close the portal opened by Lucifer’s Letter of Passage from God. He later asks Lucifer to help him fight the silent gods, but after a period of time the two duel and Lucifer defeats him. He is a more brutish character than the refined Woodside personification on television. Amenadiel in both series is remarkably strong and is very dedicated to the way of God, but I actually see a case for comparing the Fox version to a pair of angels who were introduced in the original Sandman series.


I mentioned that there were two angel who were given control of Hell after Lucifer left, Duma and Remiel. Duma, the angel of silence never speaks, but Remiel relishes his new position of power. He though does not wish to stay in Hell for an extended period of time and attempts to get Lucifer to retake his position later in the Sandman series. Within the Lucifer comic Remiel refuses to acknowledge the new successor of God and is thrown into his own Hell as punishment. Amenadiel does have a plot that seems to mimic aspects of Remiel’s storylines. He does come to ask Lucifer to take back his position as ruler of Hell, which Lucifer refuses. Beyond that when Amenadiel decides to stay in Los Angeles he begins to lose his abilities and his wings even molt. This would appear to fall in line with experiencing his own form of Hell. I know that this is a bit of a stretch, but I personally just see more of a connection between Remiel in the comics and Amenadiel in the television show. Since the characters are just inspired by the series as a whole none of them actually have to be anything like their comic book counterparts and no matter what inspired him Amenadiel within Fox’s Lucifer is an interesting character and D.B. Woodside does a wonderful job in every episode that he appears.


I am looking forward to seeing how the connection between Chloe and Amenadiel will play out over the rest of the season. I’m also wondering if this means that God has a much more elaborate plan in place for his fallen son, Lucifer. This does seem like a bit of a long game and since God is typically considered omnipotent, perhaps he knew he needed to set something in motion to prepare for Lucifer’s arrival in Los Angeles. We’ll just have to keep watching to find out. You can catch up on Lucifer on FoxNow for free today!



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