Profile #GH ‘s Daytime Emmy Winner @ChloeLanier as Nelle via @stacyamiller85 @GeneralHospital #GeneralHospital

When an actor appears on a show and makes an impression and connection with fans, it’s magical.

Such is the case of Chloe Lanier.  She first appeared on General Hospital in 2015 as Young Patricia Spencer in a black and white special episode celebrating the soap opera’s anniversary.  Viewers learned that Patricia was the never mentioned or seen older sister of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), who harbored a terrible secret involving the death of his parents.  A secret that led to a complete mental break for Luke.  Patricia is also the mother of Valerie (Brytni Sarpy).


After Lanier’s stellar performances as Patricia, who would have thought that lightening would strike twice and that we’d be lucky to see her on General Hospital again.  This time, Chloe Lanier is playing Nelle Hayes, a young woman who Carly (Laura Wright) discovered was the donor for her daughter Jossyln. In the story, Nelle’s father donated her kidney without her consent because the family needed the money.  When Nelle comes to Port Charles, she explains that she wanted to make sense of what happened to her and after meeting Jossyln and the Corinthos family, she realized that something positive came out of it. Grateful to Nelle, Carly offers her a job and welcomes her into the Corinthos’ family lives.  However, it now seems that Nelle isn’t as sweet as we were led to believe. It looks like she has less than sincere motives when it comes to Carly and Sonny. What is Nelle up to?


Due to the intensity of Chloe Lanier’s performances, she has made us eager to find out!

Update:  Since this article was written viewers as well as Carly, Sonny, Michael and Bobbie now know that Nelle Hayes is really Nelle Benson, the daughter of Frank Benson.  Nelle sought revenge against Carly for wrong doings she believed Mrs. Corinthos committed against her father. Nelle’s manipulations tore the Corinthos family apart. But Carly and Sonny were able to find their way back to each.  Nell and Michael are now dating.  And at the request of Bobbie, Felicia uncovered some damaging information from Nelle’s past. A now pregnant Nelle plotted to drive Carly crazy and began planting evidence to appear Morgan was still alive. After falling down the stairs during an altercation, Nelle lied that Carly pushed her and Carly was arrested.

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