@LuciferonFOX Character Profile: Mazikeen from @kleffnotes

For this week’s Lucifer Character Profile I decided that I wanted to spend some time talking about the demonic powerhouse, Mazikeen.

In Lucifer on Fox Mazikeen is played by the amazingly talented Lesley-Ann Brandt. Her performance on this show is just one of the many things that keeps me tuning in every week. She has amazing one-liners, pulls of some epic fight sequences, and she even has some super cute and cuddly moments. Maze’s relationship with Trixie shows that she can care deeply for someone and care only for their well being. She even trusts the little girl so much that she reveals her secret true face. Within the tv show Mazikeen maintains a very human form, but we have seen hints of her distorted demon half. Now this part of Mazikeen’s physical appearance is much more pronounced within the comics and is part of what makes this version of Maze diffrom her comic book counterpart.

maze lucifer

Mazikeen was originally introduced in the Sandman comics alongside Lucifer. She is his consort and chooses to leave Hell with him. While this is much easier for tv Maze to do, comic book Maze has to hide half of her face underneath a mask to hide her demonic visage from humankind. Now at one point in the Lucifer comics her face is altered and suddenly she has a fully human-like appearance. I remember reading this specific comic because Maze is honestly not expecting this to happen and it is actually a surprise. Later in the comics Lucifer actually gives her his powers and she takes over the throne in Hell. He visits her at one point and comic book Lucifer and Maze have some great banter. Within the comic Maze also at one point is the military leader of the children of Lilith, known as the Liliam. In case you didn’t know Maze is a child of Lilith, who is mentioned as the first wife of Adam. Lilith also appears with Lucifer comics, but I won’t delve into that because she’s not in the Lucifer television show.


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