These Are a Few of My Favorite Christmas Specials from @kleffnotes

If you celebrate or observe Christmas I’m sure you’re gearing up for a pretty busy weekend. Even though there will be a lot going on, I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas specials. You can either take some time and watch them alone to give yourself a bit of a break or you can watch them with your friends and family. These aren’t traditional holiday fare suggestions, but I enjoy watching them every year.

The first suggestion is actually four different episodes of Bob’s Burgers. I love the holiday episodes of this show, admittedly I love the entire show and have watched every episode so many times, and the Christmas ones are just so good. The first is Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins. Bob finds out his uncle has left him a storage unit, which happens to have a surprise squatter inside of it. After Linda convinces him to let the guy stay in their house for Christmas, the guest decides to create these amazing window displays. Things take a bit of a turn after Bob accidentally insults the man’s wife, which leads to a pretty hilarious trip to find her.


The next one is Christmas in the Car, which I actually like even more. Linda decides to buy Christmas trees super early, which means on Christmas Eve the Belcher Family has to find a new tree at the last minute. While they are getting a tree they accidentally make a Candy Cane truck driver irate. The night is spent trying to avoid this truck, but there is also a funny side plot about a ham, Teddy, and the kids wanting to capture Santa. Father of the Bob is the next Christmas special and is more focused on the relationship between Bob and his dad. It is still a funny episode, but it is a lot more emotional than the others in this list and I honestly haven’t watched it as many times as the other two. I also haven’t seen the season six Christmas episode at all. I love Bob’s Burgers, but I typically watch it on Netflix. I was hoping the sixth season would be up there by now, but still no new Bob’s. I’m sure it’s wonderful, but I just haven’t seen it. The newest Christmas episode, The Last Gingerbread House on the Left, is available on FoxNow still and it is hilarious and creepy. Linda wants the family to go caroling, but Bob winds up at a gingerbread building competition at Fischoeder’s mansion. I was laughing the entire time!




Since there are so many Bob’s Burgers Christmas episodes I only have two more suggestions for you, one of which I’m actually not sure where you can watch it. Now I couldn’t make this list without including the Carmilla Christmas Special. I’ve talked about it on the site before, but it is just so fun and even if you don’t watch the series you could still enjoy it. The special is set right after season one and Carmilla, Laura, Perry, and Laf are hiding out from a mob in this abandoned looking diner in a random village. They suddenly find sugary treats appearing around them and a woman appears who really wants to feed them. This super creepy woman seems to have more than baking on her mind and the ending is just so cute, even if there is a little bit of blood involved.

My final suggestion is Christmas with The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. If you haven’t seen this special yet than you are missing out on so much. The Joker takes over the television networks in Gotham and decides to host his own murderous holiday special. Batman and Robin wind up having to try and save all of the people he is continuously putting in danger over the course of the night. I love Batman: The Animated Series so much and honestly I could watch it all the time. I hope you can find this episode because it is just such a great watch any time of year.


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