@LuciferonFOX Character Profiles: Trixie and Charlotte from @kleffnotes

This character profile is more of a fan theory post. I’m going to share my thoughts on Trixie and also on Charlotte, but again my discussion of these characters is in a purely speculative way. Neither character appears in the Sandman or Lucifer comics, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on them.

In Lucifer Trixie is Chloe and Dan’s daughter and she’s played by Scarlett Estevez. Trixie is such a delightful character and Estevez does such a good job in her episodes. She’s sweet, kind, and accepting of almost anything that the characters around her do. Admittedly she does get upset with her mom, but it has to do with her parents and their separation. I absolutely adore her relationship with Maze and the decision to have Maze reveal her demonic face to the young girl was such a big step for her character. Trixie is able to accept what Lucifer and Maze do, no matter what decisions they make. She even lets Lucifer take her breakfast sandwich, which I totally would not have been okay with at her age. Actually even at this age I would still be miffed if someone snagged my sandwich.


My theory for Trixie ties in very closely with Dante’s The Divine Comedy, which is often just described as The Inferno. There is a character named Beatrice within the story who appears primarily in Purgatorio and Paradiso. She helps guide Dante on his journey and if you look up her character she is often thought to represent spiritual love. I have constantly thought that Trixie sharing a name with this guide is destined to help lead the characters who are from Heaven and Hell in some way. Trixie so far has helped Maze take on more human attributes and when they’re together Maze seems kinder and gentler. She has also helped Lucifer understand human nature a bit more and is always so sweet to him. I will forever think that Trixie is crucial to helping the characters understand themselves and each other in a more emotional way.


Charlotte’s character surprised me so much when she was introduced. I knew that Mama Morningstar was coming, but I actually hadn’t anticipated her staying on earth for so long. I still can’t exactly pin her down, but I thought I would reshare my fan theory video about who Charlotte could be as a heavenly being. I did a bit of research to work it out and I think it’s pretty convincing.

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