Happy Birthday Terri Garber, Southern Belle of a Dynasty and Soap Queen via @stacyamiller85 @terrigarber1228

Happy Birthday Terri Garber!

Terri Garber is just one of those actors whose performance stays with you long after you’ve viewed it.  I should know, I’ve been a fan of Terri’s since I first seen her on Tuesday, November 5, 1985 in Episode 3 of the television miniseries North and South where she portrayed scheming southern belle Ashton Main Huntoon.  From that moment on I knew that I had to see everything that starred Terri Garber.  I’m not going to list every project I’ve watched but will mention three in addition to North and South: Dynasty, Santa Barbara and the television movie No Man’s Land.  In each of these, Garber played memorable characters.


I had a long time dream come true when Terri Garber agreed to an interview with me last January.  To be able to have the opportunity to speak with an actress you’ve admired your entire adult life is a joy I can’t put into words.  But what has made this experience extra special is that over this past year, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see Terri as more than just an amazing actress.  She’s a charming and caring lady. A mother. A sister. A friend.  Terri Garber is someone who touches the lives of those who know her.

In addition to performing, Terri Garber is an enterprising business woman.  Sisters Alchemy, the company she started with sister Lisa Rubenstein, is the maker of homemade soaps.  These products are fabulous.  Again, Terri (and Lisa) took the time to interview with me about Sisters Alchemy. 


On December 28, Terri Garber celebrates her birthday. And it is my wish for her that it is filled with love and happiness.  The day Terri was born was a gift for not only her family but for all who care for her.

Here is a poem by The Nerdy Girl Express poet and writer Tracy Diane Miller:

The fire inside her
With purpose it roars
To ignite with determination
As dreams might soar
She is not a silhouette of a forgotten past
She is not a lost memory that will fade all too fast
For that fire inside her
Long will it grow
To light her future
Creativity will still show
She has inhabited the lives of characters
A dalliance with fantasy
Is reality stranger than fiction
That remains to be seen
For Ashton or Leslie or by the many names she has been called
Do you know the best name that suits her after all
It is Terri
Her name for the fire inside her
With flames to speak
With purpose it roars
Not angry but proudly to tell you why Terri is unique
This daughter
This wife
This sister
This mother
This friend
Who gives her heart
Her love without end
The fire inside her
A Muse will admire
Her courageous spirit
Is destined to inspire
So with the food that words might provide
Then a verse is well fed
To fully emerge in the moments ahead
Ready to speak
Unlike the fire inside her that roars
A poem is quiet when in her heart to soar
With joy as it conveys
All the best to you Terri as you celebrate your birthday

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