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Are you a Supernatural fan?  Do you love reading about the show and participating in Supernatural fandom activities? Well, SuperWiki offers the perfect place to do both!

Jules Wilkinson of  SuperWiki graciously took the time to answer my questions in an interview for The Nerdy Girl Express.  Read below to learn about SuperWiki.

How was the Supernatural Wiki started?

“An Aussie fan called Emily started a website called SuperCanon during Season One of Supernatural. She and another fan Lea decided by the end of the season that the best way forward was to set up a Wiki-style site, and the Supernatural Wiki (aka SuperWiki) was born in August 2006.

Until about 2009 there was an admin group running the Wiki, made up of 5 fans from around the world.  I worked on the Wiki from the start, and joined the admin group in 2007. That group had been experience in other fandoms before Supernatural, and bought a wealth of knowledge to the project.

There was a lot to do in the early days – working out how to structure the site and catalogue the information, as well as generating content, and trying to get word out and encourage other fans to get involved. It was particularly challenging because the show and the fandom were evolving at the same time.

I took over as sole admin in 2009, although the founder Emily remains involved behind the scenes managing the finances and technical aspects. We also have a great team, led by @impaladrama67, dedicated to making sure the episode synopses and transcripts (both of which take a lot of work to complete) go up as soon as possible during the season.”

What makes Supernatural (Super) Wiki different from other Supernatural sites?

“Well, we are extra awesome!  Underlying this is the fact that the SuperWiki is a feminist project. It’s always been important that the site reflect the diversity of voices and opinions in the fandom, and that we actively work to make that happen.

I think the fact that we have always included fandom and our activities along-side the Show content really makes us stand out. That means fanfic and art, shipping, conventions, charity projects, other websites, all get covered!  I often say “fandom is my fandom”, so I am just as fascinated with the fandom as with the Show!

Also with the SuperWiki anyone can get involved. There is no gate-keeper or application process. Got an idea? Hop on board! Whether you are a grammar expert who loves editing, or you want to translate Enochian, or link Louden Swain videos, or start a page for your own podcast or fan challenge– all are welcome. You can do as much or as little as you like. I think many editors like that they can get involved and do their own thing at their own pace.

A fan who edited the Wiki once said to me “It’s a big enough project that it feels like I’m part of something significant, but I also feel my contributions really make a difference.”

How do you come up with things for the site that will interest the fandom?

“That’s easy – fandom does it! What is on the Wiki reflects what fandom is interested in. The only thing that prevents an entry being on the site, is that someone hasn’t got around to it yet. It’s what makes the SuperWiki so diverse and quirky. The SuperWiki is like fandom’s collective consciousness.

Also, the great thing about being on Twitter is that it allows me to find out what fans are interested in, and try and get it onto the Wiki if it’s not there. If someone says “do you have an entry on Dean’s shoes”?  I can encourage them to put the entry together, or put out a call for other fans who might want to get involved. On the Wiki, everyone can pitch in, so that the job of documenting 12 years of something is less daunting! (PS we don’t have an entry on Dean’s shoes!)”

How many hours do you devote to Supernatural (Super) Wiki?

“I’m on the Wiki every day, and the amount of time varies a lot. My main job is to ensure things are running smoothly – checking out the edits that have been made for accuracy, formatting new entries, helping fans get started, as well as adding and updating content. I do as much as I feel like!  After all this time, I still wake up I’m excited about what I want to work on next.”

What has been the best thing about running Supernatural (Super) Wiki?

“I love helping fans get involved and seeing what they produce, and the satisfaction people get from being involved. Plus, anytime a fan tells me they love reading the SuperWiki, or it helped them write their fic or answer a question they had.  The fact that after over a decade the site is still vibrant and growing tells me it’s something fandom values.”

 Any Supernatural star and/or fandom story you feel comfortable with sharing with our readers?

“The thing we never expected, was that the SuperWiki would be used by the Show itself! The writers, Production Design department and others have said they refer to the Wiki as a resource, and Jared said he uses it when he needs to look up lore he wants to know about when he’s on set.  That’s cool!”

 What advice would you give anyone interested in starting a fan website?

“Go for it and make sure to have fun!   And let me know about it so I can promote it!”

 Is there any wish you have for Supernatural (Super) Wiki?

“I hope the site keeps going as long as the fandom does, and that new fans keep wanting to be part of it. I would also dearly love to see more of the site translated into other languages.”

What would you like to say to the fans of Supernatural (Super) Wiki?

“If you are not involved already – drop me a line at I’d love to have you be part of this big crazy project! And a huge thanks to all the fans who edit and read and support the Wiki.”

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