New Year’s Eve with @Syfy and The Twilight Zone from @kleffnotes

As we near the end of this year I thought I would take some time to share with you all one of my New Year’s Eve traditions. Every year on December 31st Syfy Channel airs The Twilight Zone marathon and at 11:30 pm, or as close as they can get depending on air time and commercials, they air the same episode.

The Masks first aired on March 20th 1964 as the 25th episode of season five. The episode is set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. A dying man invites his only living relatives to attend a party with him, at the end of which he promises to give them their inheritance. Jason Foster, the elderly patriarch, has one request of the rest of his family. They must all wear masks for the entire party and if they remove them before midnight they will forfeit their share of his estate. Cleverly Foster presents each of the family with a mask that depicts the “opposite” of their true nature.


He actually detests his family, finding them to be deeply flawed and only interested in their own gain. Each of the masks is frighteningly distorted and references what he feels are the key flaws in their personalities. With his own face behind the mask of Death he watches as his family begins to bicker and pray for the night to end. Upon the stroke of midnight the true power of the masks is revealed and the family is forever changed. You can watch the episode on Syfy during the marathon or on Netflix.


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