Examining an Episode from The Twilight Zone Marathon on @Syfy “Time Enough at Last” from @kleffnotes

I have been watching The Twilight Zone for as long as I can remember. My dad continues to be a huge fan of the series and over the years I have watched countless episodes with him. His love for the series spread to not only me, but my brother and sister. We normally tune into The Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy every year and I thought that with the marathon in full swing that I would take this time to highlight a few of my favorite episodes over the course of this week. The first episode I’ll be focusing on is “Time Enough at Last.”

This episode first aired on November 20th, 1959 as the eighth episode of season one. “Time Enough at Last” stars a Twilight Zone regular Burgess Meredith as the mild mannered and often misunderstood Henry Bemis. The bookish accountant would much rather spend his time reading than doing anything else in the world. He tries to read at work, but is often interrupted, and when he tries to read at home his wife pulls him away. For some reason she detests the fact that her husband likes reading and even goes so far as to destroy one of his books. The next day while at work Henry sneaks into the vault to have a quiet lunch focused on reading, suddenly everything around him begins to shake. Henry learns that he is the only one who has survived a nuclear attack, but while most people would be devastated, he realizes that he will finally have time to read.


In true Twilight Zone fashion as Henry is enjoying his newfound freedom his glasses are shattered. Poor Henry can’t see without them and now he suddenly is all alone with no way to enjoy the books he truly loves. This episode is honestly really sad and whenever I watch it I just can’t understand why Mrs. Bemis hates the fact that her husband reads so much. Now letting him read more wouldn’t have stopped the end of the world, but it would made the world a bit happier. I use Henry’s quote, “There was time, all the time in the world” randomly as a bit of a joke with my siblings. You can just shout it whenever you are feeling a bit silly, it’s perfect. You can still check out The Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy for the next few days. It’s also available on Netflix.


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