#TheInspectors SpringBreak S2Ep16 directed by @terryserpico via @stacyamiller85 @bretjgreen

The latest CBS The Inspectors episode titled “Spring Break” was another one directed by Terry Serpico who plays Mitch.

As the episode opens, a man (Costa James) is on the phone trying to obtain baseball bats in which to sell through Batboy, the company he set up. This scammer pretends to be a famous baseball player to get the bats then resells them as one-of-a-kind autograph items but with fake signatures.  Postal Inspectors Amanda (Jessica Lundy) and Mitch (Terry Serpico) get wind of this case when they question a man who provided an authentic Willie Mays autograph bat as a show of good faith in order to receive several of the scammer’s fake bats.

Meanwhile, Preston (Bret Green) and Noah (Harrison Knight) are excited about going to a water park resort for Spring Break.  That is, until Veronica (Erica Sanchez) reminds them that they volunteered for Alternative Spring Break (A.S.B), where students spend their time with underprivileged kids so their parents don’t have to worry about them while they’re at work. Later at an A.S.B. meeting, Veronica hands out assignments and Noah and Preston get showing the kids how to play chess.


Back on the case, Mitch and Amanda are investigating Batboy and learn that the bogus company has made loads of money scamming collectors who purchased the signed baseball bats with fake signatures.  Mitch goes online in an attempt to win one of Batboy’s bats in an auction but gets out bidded in the remaining seconds.c5snvkevuaexc-r

On to Plan B, Amanda makes contact online with Batboy’s scammer and tells him that she wants to purchase his authentically signed Willie Mays bat for $3,000. She tells him that she is uncomfortable with sending such a large sum of money through the mail and arranges to meet him at the University Grind.  However at the last minute, the scammer gets nervous and doesn’t show up.  Mitch suggests Amanda offer the greedy man an additional $1,000.  It works like a charm, the scammer arrives and after Amanda shows him the money, he presents the Willie Mays bat. Amanda tells the scammer that she has something else to show him – her postal inspector badge. Mitch appears and arrests the scammer…Batboy is out of business.


Noah and Preston’s teaching the kids chess becomes a competition between the friends as they each take a group of students and arrange a a chess match between their teams.


But Preston later remembers a conversation he had with his dad in which Mr. Wainwright told him the value of teamwork. So, the shy little girl named Marley, who had preferred to watch the chess playing activities from the corner while reading her book ends up joining Preston’s team. And Noah and Preston are taught the most important listen of all: It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game.c5snusnvuaa0mhb

“Spring Break” was another episode directed by Terry Serpico.  What I enjoy best about Serpico’s directing is that he really gets the actors to reach deep into their characters to show the viewer their motivations.  And in “Spring Break,” he faced the challenge with having several child actors; one who had not one word of dialogue.  But got the strongest emotion through the looks the little girl playing Marley displayed.  Watching her scenes, even before Marley played the game she was an active participant.  Well done Terry, here’s to the next episode of The Inspectors you direct!

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