Kleff Con Fun at @ClexaCon Day 2: First Day of the Convention from @kleffnotes

Friday kicked off the very first full day of the first ever ClexaCon. Badge pick up for those of us who couldn’t go to the badge party started at 9 am and through the magic of time changes and amazement I rolled out of bed at 7 am and got dressed and ready. Rachel and I met up with Tina and Krista, our wonderful companions from last night, and went to get much needed coffee and donuts to start the day.

Rachel and I had never had Krispy Kreme before and we found one on the strip and let me tell you that was the most delicious thing I have ever had in my life. Krista filmed it and I was in a ridiculous state of euphoria while biting into the warm and delicious freshly glazed donut. That was followed by coffee and a quick walk back to Bally’s to get our stuff. After registering we explored the area a bit and wound up playing slots a few times. There was also a necessary Starbucks run and around 12:30 snacks were grabbed. Then we headed to the massive line to get into ClexaCon.

Now if you’ve been watching me on Twitter I live tweeted all of the panels I went to, though some admittedly got better tweets that others. We got in a bit late to the Creating a Webseries panel and it was really interesting, but I missed the beginning Dana Piccoli though had amazing leather pants. Then I went to Bisexual Representation in the media, which was an amazing panel. The woman presented on the much needed growth of intersectionality and of a diversification of bisexual roles in television. There was a reference to unicorns and narwhals that was really funny in the moment, but is super hard to deliver well outside of that environment. The gist is that a narwhal is a unicorn hiding deeply in the ocean, which seriously made WAY more sense if you were there. I tried to tweet it and super messed it up. What it hinted at was that no matter who a bisexual person dates they are still bisexual. So if a bisexual woman is dating a heterosexual male she is still a bisexual woman.

Then I stayed for the Independent Comics and Feminism panel, which was really informative and I did tweet out some information about working in comics. I then went to the Webseries portion of the Film Festival and it was freaking amazing! I got to see The Leslie on a big screen and Kate Johnson and Diana Spieller  were sitting right in front of me! Okay, I’m chill, I’m fine, I even got to meet them and wasn’t a huge weirdo so that’s really a plus for everyone involved. Besides The Leslie they showed episode from Maybelle and Skirtchasers from tello Films and Starting From Now!, an Australian series. Maybelle was a much more serious show focusing two former lovers who have drifted apart, while Skirtchasers was hilarious. Starting From Now! was admittedly a bit confusing for me as we say two episodes from season four, but I definitely need to watch the whole thing.

I bummed around the vendor area and bought a ton of swag, oh yeah there is totally going to be a big ClexaCon Fangirl Freakouts roundup video this coming Thursday. I also chatted with a really cool woman who has some epic webcomics that I definitely need to review for the site. Then the big event of the day, The Wayhaught Women of Wynonna Earp Reunion Panel! It was packed!! And amazing! I recorded it for Rachel, who headed back to the room, and I’ll try and share some bits of footage. But I will say that Wynonna Earp will be on Netflix in May and the new season is going to be freaking epic. They announced a new cast member and we all got posters, which again was epic.

The whole day was amazing and I can’t wait until tomorrow! Also there will be a My Kinda Recaps, but it’s going to be a little interesting. You’ll see!



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