Kleff Con Fun at @ClexaCon Day 1: Getting to Vegas

ClexaCon starts today, but as promised I, Katherine aka kleffnotes, have travel updates for you from my trip to ClexaCon. Today’s post is a quick little recap of my day in the air to Las Vegas.

On Thursday I got up at 9 am East Coast time and double, okay triple checked, my backpack and suitcase, and at 10 am I headed to the Dayton, Ohio airport. I got there super earlier because I was very paranoid that something would happen and I would get delayed or run into some sort of issue. I wound up spending about and hour and forty-five minutes reading and drinking a London Fog, it’s a really tasty Earl Grey latte. Then I boarded my first flight and headed to the Chicago Midway airport. Now just this part was huge for me because I’ve never flown alone before in my entire life.

When I landed in Chicago I went to my connecting flight and wound up staying with my unplanned flight buddy. The woman I shared a row with in my first flight was also flying to Vegas and we decided to sit together. We chatted a bit and found out we are both leaving Vegas on Monday on the same flight, super small world. The flight was about 4 hours and I listened to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend soundtrack and finished Poltergeist by Kat Richardson. It’s a paranormal murder mystery, it was a fun read.

Landing in Vegas was slightly confusing because the baggage claim was in a separate building that you had to get to by tram. I was so lost for like five full minutes. Then I grabbed a shuttle and checked in at Bally’s at 5:30 pm West Coast time. I gained 3 hours and was super jetlagged. I scouted out the lobby and grabbed an egg salad sandwich, which is admittedly my favorite kind of sandwich. Then I hung out in my room and dozed until Rachel, my awesome Twitter friend and live tweet buddy, showed up. We went on a very brief food hunt, but we were both so tired from traveling that we didn’t really have the energy to do much more than hit up the little lobby shop.

After a little time in the room Rachel found out that someone she knew was also staying at the hotel. We went down to her room and I met not only one person, but two. The four of us went out to a place called Nacho Daddy and someone, not me, did a shot with a little scorpion in it. Then we walked around the strip a bit and got back pretty late, but with a solid plan for the morning.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for my recap of ClexaCon’s first day!

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