The XII #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

The XII opens the series with dynamic scenes drawn without words. We see a man running for his life and a group of men ominously threatening him with violence. When he does actually speak he is desperate to know what has happened to his family before the reader is pulled away from the scene. The story then jumps backward in time to a small farmhouse.

The man we saw in the introduction is the father of a relatively large family named Caleb. He is teaching his children about how to survive and prepare for times of scarcity on their small farm. It turns out that this group has been living here for 15 years after fleeing from the city, which can only be accessed by The Dead Roads now. Their supplies are very slim and Caleb thinks that some of them should go scouting for more supplies. After a tense discussion about leaving the home a traveler arrives in the night and when they attempt to turn him away his personality suddenly shifts. He informs them that he and his people will be setting fire to the farm because they refused to help him. The family makes their way to a safe place they’ve had ready since they first arrived. After being forced off of their land traveling The Dead Roads seems like their only option.

xii 1

When the comic opened I enjoyed being able to watch the story evolve without any dialogue. Just the art evoked the tension and fear of the main character within those moments. The subtitle for this issue is The Father, which makes me curious to see if the issues coming after this will focus on different characters each time. What I am most looking forward to is seeing just who those people were who were chasing after Caleb in the introduction. I also want to know just who was behind all of the unfortunate events that set the story in motion. It read as though someone had either infiltrated their camp or that someone within it was working against them.

xii 2

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