Get Ready for @CWiZombie Season 3 with Some Tasty Brainy Treats ( @iZombieWriters ) from @kleffnotes

In just one week iZombie returns with their third season and we brainies have been starving for new episodes. While you count down the days until the premiere next Tuesday, April 4th at 9 pm est, I’ve collected links of my brainy recipes for you to keep yourself from going full on zombie mode. Eat up brainies!

The Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze

Jello Brain Salad

Brain Sala

White Chocolate Brains

white brains

Brain Meringues

brain meringue

Brain Bread Pudding

brain pudding

Rice Krispy Brains

rice brains

Birthday Cake Brain

brain cake

Cherry Brain Bites

cherry brain

No Bake Brains

no bake brains

Brains on a Stick

brains on a stick

Minty Fudge Brains

minty fudge brain

Brainy Sundae

brainy sundae

Brain Truffles

brain truffle

Brain Cupcakes

brain cupcake


Brain Cookies

brain cookies

Spicy Brain Ramen

brain ramen

Brains on Toast

brains on toast

Brain Salad on a Bagel

brains on bagel

Brain Bread

brain bread

Deep Fried Brains

deep fried brains

If you try any of the recipes we’d love to see them! Share your pics with @thenerdygirlexp and @kleffnotes on Twitter. For the premiere I’ll be sharing a new take on an older recipe and new realistic brain. You can also check out some of my iZombie themed videos on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. Just one more week brainies!



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