Riverdale One Shot Review( @CW_Riverdale ) from @kleffnotes

When Riverdale started on The CW I jumped in without having any knowledge of the comic book universe that inspired the series. I was never into Archie comics, but recently I decided to see what my comic book store had and was intrigued to find some one shot comics that sparked my interest. If you are watching the series this specific one shot is one you need to read asap.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the showrunner of Riverdale, oversaw the creation of a one shot comic titled Riverdale. Writers from the show created introduction stories for Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones that tie into the tv series. The whole issue is set in the Summer before the series kicks off.

Archies’s story looks a bit more into his time with Ms. Grundy and also reveals a bit more about the shared musical connection he has with his dad. Even though they don’t explore it as much in the show, Fred gave Archie a guitar when he turned 16 and he’s been playing it for a bit longer than I originally thought. The story for Betty explains why she had no idea what was going on with Polly. She was in Los Angeles and staying with her aunt, while working an amazing internship. The intro story also showed a bit more of Betty’s relationship with Polly before everything happened with Jason.

Veronica’s story focuses on her family before and right after her father’s arrest. We get to see a glimpse of her New York life and they actually show us what her father looks like. They emphasize how close she is with her dad and the relationship they had before he went to jail. The story for Jughead shows how he and Archie have been drifting apart over the years. Not only that, but we finally get to hear him talk about food. He orders a lot of cheeseburgers in this short little story, which is wonderful. We also get to learn more about what his job was like at the Starlight Drive-In.

The art in the book is great and done by a variety of artists, Elliot Fernandez, Jim Towe, Thomas Pitilli, and Alitha Martinez. Archie’s story was written by Brian E. Paterson, Betty’s by Britta Lundin, Veronica’s by James Dewille, and Jughead’s by Will Ewing. There’s also an ad for an ongoing Riverdale series being done by Aguirre-Sacasa and the writers of Riverdale with art by Joe Eisma that I am totally going to have to read that has untold stories from the world of the tv show. There is also a collected work titled Road to Riverdale with stories that inspired the show. If you love the show and haven’t read this intro comic you are definitely missing out.

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