Doppelganger #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

A strange series of events leads Dennis to come face to face with himself in the Doppelganger series. The original Dennis has had his identity co-opted by a doppelganger, who will take over his life if he doesn’t find a way to steal it back. In the second issue of this series he pairs up with his best friend Ricardo to create a plan of action.

Dennis is desperately trying to find a way to protect his wife and daughter from the dangerous doppelganger Dennis, but it won’t be easy. He and Ricardo attempt to get their hands on fentanyl, which could be used to cause an overdose, and forcibly remove the problem. When they are shut down at the hospital, they take more extreme measures. Dennis goes into the office, where the doppelganger Dennis has actually been having a very good day. Through some tricky computer work he has managed to get a promotion that he insists the original Dennis never would have achieved. In a showdown in the storeroom, the doppelganger Dennis makes an dangerous decision, which leaves the reader on  a possibly deadly cliffhanger.

Doppleganger 2 1

The premise of Doppelganger is something I haven’t read before and I’m really enjoying seeing how this series progresses. With Dennis vs. Dennis vying for the chance to exist I am struck by how the nefarious doppelganger has managed to make strides in Dennis’ life, even though he has achieved them in a terribly vindictive way. This issue also revealed that the doppelganger is much older than I immediately thought. I really enjoyed Ricardo’s use of a fantasy deck to find out more information about what is going on in Dennis’ life. His excitement in the face of extreme danger was wonderful and seemed just like the thing I would do if I was suddenly introduced to this situation. You can find this comic on Comixology now!

Doppleganger 2 2

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