Kreindia of Amorium By: Ben Parris Book Review from @erinwise82

Book 2 of this historical fantasy series, continues the story of our “mis-timed” lovers…..”time-crossed” lovers perhaps may sound a bit better lol? 

Okay let’s rewind for a quick minute and flashback to Book 1……So Wade is a synesthete from the 21st century…..his senses are all wired mixed up……Wade learns how to control his senses…and learns his craft. Using an acupuncture  technique, he can also travel through time. Kreindia the Strange of 9th century Amorium, is like Wade….except more powerful. So they meet and of course fall in love….Can’t have romance without love 😉 😉
After the battle at Brennii Pass….ya know the one that didn’t turn out so well, Wade tries to return to his time with Kreindia…….
Now here’s where things get a bit hairy:
Wade returns just as he was before, however, Kreindia comes to in the body of a quadriplegic woman, Kreindel, he met before his time travel trip….ya know the one from his doc’s office. Meeting up with Kreindel’s parents and herself after an appointment, her villainous step father brushes Wade off.
It’s discovered later that Kreindel has disappeared, leaving Faron (the step father dun dun dun) wondering if she has escaped through time. Wade doesn’t dare to out his lover. From this moment the reader is thrust through a series of adventurous jumps in time…hoping they will once again find one another. From the 6th century back to a few years after Kreindia’s time, to the very beginning, these two have a hell of a time.
Continuing with the history, this is another must read addition to add to your library.
This novel has me biting my nails for the third and final part of this story.
To get your copy, check out your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.
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