@Mark_Sheppard Launches “I Win” T Shirt Campaign via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @scrappysheppard

Supernatural fans certainly won when accomplished actor Mark Sheppard was cast as resourceful crossroad demon and even more resourceful King of Hell Crowley in The CW’s longest running show. From the moment Sheppard first appeared in the series in the Season 5 episode “Abandon All Hope”, viewers didn’t need to sell their souls to appreciate the gift of his talent: He was often foe to the Winchesters but he also was an invaluable asset. Sheppard portrayed Crowley with the perfect combination of drama and comedy (no easy feat when one is playing a demon) yet he more than rose to the occasion.

Crowley’s final act was to sacrifice his life in a plan to defeat Lucifer. We will miss Mark Sheppard on Supernatural. The King of Hell may have lacked a soul, but Mark Sheppard is full of heart. The charismatic actor has launched the “I Win” T Shirt Campaign. “A portion of the proceeds from this campaign will benefit Camp Conrad Chinook, a camp that provides a positive camping experience for children with diabetes.”


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