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One of the features that makes a novel so engaging is when the author crafts rich characters. As a reader, it is intriguing peeling back the layers and uncovering the different facets. The same holds true for an interview: Interviewees who have many layers to explore excite both the interviewer and those reading the interview. Traci Sanders certainly fulfills this requirement. Sanders is not only an award-winning novelist, but her name is also synonymous with a wealth of child development books. If that isn’t enough to provide creative inspiration, Sanders has penned several books offering tips on writing, publishing and marketing. In addition, she is the founder of Readers Review Room, an invaluable resource for readers seeking a variety of books to savor and review as well as for authors who desire honest reviews of their work. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Traci Sanders. Read what she had to say below.

You are an accomplished novelist and have also written a slew of books that give insight into child development. What has been the most challenging aspect of shifting gears from fiction to the more informative books?

Well, thank you! I’d say the most challenging part of shifting gears from fiction to nonfiction is the marketing strategies. I have to find and target a completely different audience. Fiction lovers are easy to find, and are willing to pay for a great story. Nonfiction readers seem to be more choosy about what they read and are more skeptical of the content found within, because they’ve been fed a lot of fluff. As well, not a lot of parents want unsolicited advice.

Your most recent book series (Living The Write Life and Beyond The Book) provide a wealth of tips on writing, marketing and publishing.  What makes your books “stand out” as invaluable resources to aspiring and veteran authors from other available resources?

There are a lot of books on Amazon that cover the various aspects of the publishing industry – from writing tips to book-marketing strategies. Typically, these books are individual resources, offered by a multitude of authors. My book series is a one-stop shopping experience, loaded with 365 tips on all the crucial aspects of publishing a book. These tips are strategically divided into three stages of the process. The first book covers anything related to writing, and tasks that occur before an author publishes. The second one provides tips on how to publish and market your book to build your brand. And the third one offers practical tips on the day-to-day life of a writer, and provides bonus resources to capitalize of your writing skills. I haven’t seen anything like this series on the market thus far.

Let’s talk about Readers Review Room. Please describe Readers Review Room for our readers.

Readers Review Room is my baby. I’ve nurtured it from a tiny seed to a full-grown, and growing, flower. I developed this site/program to help authors find their target readers, while also helping readers discover new favorite authors. I’ve personally discovered a plethora of amazingly talented Indie authors in my career, and I wanted to shine a light on these types of authors, to let the readers know that there are little-known treasures of books and authors in the world that they may never know about, unless something like the RRR comes along. We’re not trying to replace Amazon or other review sites. Our main goal is simply to provide honest reviews from target readers of these books, to give authors helpful feedback on their writing, and encourage them to always be improving their craft to produce the best books possible. Readers deserve that!

Why should both authors and readers explore Readers Review Room?

Simply put, authors will not find another source of promotion on the level we offer it, for the dirt-cheap price we charge. We rotate promotion for each author on Twitter and Facebook daily. We also have showcases, writing contests, and we’re preparing to launch our first monthly newsletter in June, where we’ll have spotlight authors and reviewers, as well as highlight some of our favorite book recommendations. Lots of great things coming up! On top of all that, we offer honest, authentic reviews.

Readers who review for us love our process. It’s simple, fun, not stressful, and free. They are exposed to new books daily, books they would have never known about otherwise. Even those who don’t review for us and enjoy seeing our posts in the FB group and on Twitter, have commented to me how they appreciate the honesty of our reviews, and the no-pressure feel of our group. We’re like an online library, but better, because we can offer featured books and the readers can even see the reviews for them before they buy or read.

Are there any current writing projects and/or Readers Review Room endeavors that you can share with our readers?

Like I said, we have lots of exciting things coming up with the RRR. Our author list is always changing, and our review team is continuously growing. My goal is to accumulate a strong team of 100 reviewers by the end of 2017, and we’re on track to do so. Stay tuned!

If you’re an author who’d like to list your books with us, please send your Amazon buy links to and we’ll vet your writing by your sample. If we accept, we list up to 3 titles for just $9.95/year and unlimited titles for just $14.95/year. These rates are scheduled to increase to $19.95/year and $29.95/year by June 1. So, get your titles to us quickly to take advantage of this awesome rate!

If you love to read e-books and would like to receive free e-books of your choice, and you can stick to a 30-day review schedule, we’d love to have you on our team. E-mail us at and we’ll get you started! It’s FREE and you get your own reviewer page to share anywhere you wish.

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