#Reign Exclusive: Interview With Queen Mary via @stacyamiller85 @reignwriters @AdelaideKane

When Reign began, Queen Mary of Scotland (Adelaide Kane) returned to French Court. She was betrothed to Prince Francis (Toby Regbo).  The two had met as children and were promised to each other in marriage. Francis’ mother Queen Catherine (Megan Follows) worried about the match after her trusted adviser Nostradamus predicted that a marriage between Mary and Francis would lead to Francis’ death. The couple did eventually wed.  But the union was short lived as Francis suffered from an illness before he was killed trying to protect Mary.  Since Francis’ death, Mary has contended with treachery from those wanting to overthrow her.  After the death of her close friend Lola at the hands of Mary’s cousin Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) of England, who ordered Lola’s execution, Mary vowed that she’d rule over England as well as Scotland.

But with everything going on in her life (including the recent birth of her son), Queen Mary was gracious enough to take time from her schedule to speak with me. Read below to find out what Queen Mary had to say about her reign and what it means to be a queen. She is an intelligent woman of grace and beauty.

Writer’s Note:  This is a fictional interview with Queen Mary of Scotland. The questions and answers are the author’s interpretation and have no affiliation with The CW, cast and writers of Reign.

Thank you Your Majesty for speaking with me today. I know things have been difficult for you with the murder and mayhem that have plagued you for months as you’ve fought for your kingdom. But you’ve shown grace under pressure.

Queen Mary: “I appreciate your kind words. It has been challenging with all the forces attempting to undermine my rule. I’ve found myself often wondering what to do next.  But thankfully, I’ve had some trusted and loyal people in my corner.”

That speaks for the respect people have for you as queen. Sorry to hear of the death of your adviser, David Rizzio.

Queen Mary: (with a broken voice and wiping tears from her eyes) “I’d rather not talk about that.”

My apologies. Let’s talk about these last four years. I know being at French Court and married to King Francis made you grow from a girl to a queen. What was it like helping to rule France alongside Francis?

Queen Mary:  “It was difficult especially as his mother Catherine wasn’t in my corner at first. When I was growing up, Catherine was almost like a mother to me. But once Francis and I decided to marry, that seemed to change.  She became distant and appeared to resent my place in her son’s life. Fortunately, she and I have mended our differences and are closer than ever. My only regret is that Francis and I didn’t have the life I’d hope. He was cruelly cut down in his prime and taken from me. I often wonder what might have been had he lived.”

You have since remarried to Lord Darnley, now King Darnley. What makes this second marriage different from your first?

Queen Mary: “All relationships are different obviously. As you mentioned, I was a girl when I married Francis.  With Darnley, I am a queen who has suffered tragedies but trying to rise above everything to do what’s best for Scotland. A good ruler puts her country ahead of her own needs. Darnley is not the man that Francis was. He’s made mistakes but I hope that the good man I know he is can be found deep down. His mother Lady Lennox’s influence hasn’t been good for him. I believe she pushes him into decisions that best serve her own needs.”

I’ve heard you and the king are having martial problems and that he’s even kidnapped your son.

Queen Mary: “It’s best not to listen to idle gossip. I find if servants worked as much as they talked, the palace would be spotless. Darnley is visiting friends and showing them the baby. Both will return before nightfall.”

How are things now between you and your cousin Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Mary:  “I received a lovely note from her after my letter telling her of the baby’s birth. She was thrilled to hear about my son and wants to put the past behind us. We’re family after all.”

What can you tell me about Lord Bothwell? 

Queen Mary: “I don’t understand your question.”

Are you two in love?

Queen Mary: “Remember what I said earlier about idle gossip…Lord Bothwell is a good friend and my body guard.”

I have known many extraordinary men: Francis, Bash, Gideon, Bothwell, David…having them in my life helped me be a better woman and queen. I’m honored to have ruled two great countries.  Long live Scotland, Long live France.”

And long live Reign…it’s be a great four years!

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