Coronary #1 Review and Kickstarter Updates ( @ryanburkewriter ) from @kleffnotes

The Coronary series focuses on a London where having the perfect physical appearance means everything. People are flocking to surgeons, life-style coaches, and even looking for pills to help keep them presenting the ideal character to the world. In the first issue of this series we are introduced to Justin Sharpe, CEO of BeautX, which is the leading corporation in the battle for beauty.

In what appears to be a random moment Justin meets a young woman in a tube station and strikes up a conversation. While he never reveals who he is, she knows right away. While she has not yet done anything, it appears that this woman has a plan in mind. Justin continues his evening by running into a police detective who informs him more young people have overdosed on his drugs, but he brushes this information away. We then go along to meet Justin’s oldest friend, though the meeting is anything, but friendly. This series reminds me of another series I absolutely loved, Beauty, but it has a slightly more film noir style edge to it. There are things hidden under the surface and no matter how perfect Justin thinks he’s making the world, there is obviously something ugly waiting to emerge.

Coronary #2 will pick up right where the first issue ended, but in order to find out more about this universe you need to check out the Kickstarter. It will be open until October 5th and if you are looking for an interesting series with intrigue and suspense you should do what you can to help bring more of this series to life. Ryan Burke’s story is something I’m looking forward to seeing more of and the art provided by Joel Saavedra perfectly supports the story, with vivid colors from Damián Peñalba that emphasize the division between happy brightness and the dangerous shadows of the world.

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