Versus Review from @ImmieBroods

There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. These are concealed from all human beings. Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal, the forest of resurrection.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? This movie done on a tight budget is actually quite entertaining. This is my review for the cult classic, Versus. It starts in the forest of resurrection where the main character slices through a body, turns around to see that there are zombies after him. The zombies surround him and he brings up his sword to battle with the zombies, who are all wearing traditional Japanese clothing. He’s quick with the stylish takedowns of the zombies as he goes to the river in the forest. There he is greeted by another warrior and draws his blade once again to charge at the man. The man is much swifter than the samurai wielding man and slices him in half. I should point out that this film is very gory and if the sight of blood makes you queasy then you can stop right here and read the other reviews on this site by the remarkable reviewers, still here? Let’s carry on.

As he’s slowly dying in the forest of resurrection, he reappears behind the man. The man realizes this and is ready to battle. After the fiery credits, two escaped prisoners are running through a forest. They stop as you can clearly see the word ‘Lawbreaker’ written on their jumpsuits. The samurai wielding man is one of the prisoners. No name is ever given, but he is known as KSC2-303. That man he battled in the forest at the beginning is named the Man. They really went with style over substance in this film, but you kind of forget that once you see the action and dark humour, there’s so much of both.

Anyway, both prisoners come out of the forest onto a dirt road. KSC2-303 has handcuffs on and someone else’s severed hand is in the other handcuff, which he throws away. A man on a motorcycle meets them along with four men trailing the motorcycle in their car. There is one man with thin framed glasses and one who is short and weak. He helps a man in a brown leather jacket out of the car and there is a fourth man wearing a green shirt with a black suit. The other prisoner asks about another car while KSC2-303 makes a cocky remark, green shirt man is surprised by his bravery and tries to intimidate KSC2-303. He tries to threaten him, but motorcycle guy insists on keeping the prisoners alive. Those were the orders.

The cowardly guy pulls a girl out of the car, KSC2-303 insults them without any fear as they only get angrier with him. Cowardly guy points his gun at KSC2-303, but he stylishly takes the gun to shoot brown leather jacket man dead.The others pull out their guns as KSC2-303 takes cowardly guy’s gun and points it at the other gangsters. The only one without a gun is the Girl, the cowardly guy, and the other prisoner. Cowardly guy is held up by KSC2-303. He panics as he looks at the clouds moving fast above and sees a vision of the Man in the forest. He panics more when he sees brown leather jacket man resurrect in front of him.

The forest of resurrection, zombies, it was bound to happen. The gangsters start unloading on their undead friend, but he doesn’t die until KSC2-303 shoots him. Green shirt man has a theory and the other prisoner is shot while everyone stands above him, waiting for him to resurrect. He wakes up as a zombie and KSC2-303 sees this as a way to escape into the forest with the Girl and kicks the cowardly guy to the ground. The gangsters get into the forest and split up to look for KSC2-303 and the Girl. Cowardly guy accidentally fires off a shot because he’s frightened, but pulls out a hex bag, a nice little moment for those who have seen Supernatural, and holds it tight. I guess to ward off any evil spirits.

KSC2-303 sees two dead men tied to a tree with barbed wire. He waits for them to resurrect, but they don’t. He cuts one down, but the Girl is confused. KSC2-303 puts on the dead man’s clothing, which is his signature wardrobe. His own black vest, black jeans, a long black leather jacket, much like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and his gun. They encounter motorcycle man in the forest and the Girl tells KSC2-303 not to fight. He hits her on the head and she passes out so he can fight without interruptions.

The remaining gangsters are in the forest when cowardly guy realizes that they’ve dumped a lot of dead bodies in this forest before. They go to a part of the forest where graves have clearly been dug up. I’m guessing the zombies have left the holes to stretch their legs, take in the fresh air, but no, zombies start resurfacing. The use of fog machines and extras as zombies is very Evil Dead, but these undead gangsters have the weapons they were buried with so it’s a human versus zombie shootout. KSC2-303 feels left out so he joins in. He ends up fighting green shirt man as cowardly guy takes the Girl away. KSC2-303 gets away as thin framed glasses man and green shirt man turn on motorcycle man to shoot him in the leg. The others leave him to die.

Elsewhere, two cops jump out of a Land Rover that’s been toppled. One cop has a severed hand. Main cop says he was trained by the FBI and grew up in Yellowstone National Park, he’s an expert hunter. The way they present themselves is really funny to watch. The moment is very much dark humour, but with a lot of absurdity and blood. The Man appears as the gangsters’ second car appears with a redhead woman with two revolvers, a mute, pale redheaded man with sunglasses and another woman with a pixie haircut. The redhead with her guns shoots the Man repeatedly. The Man gets up and slow claps at their bravery and disposes of them. He gives them life from death. Now the Man has his undead squad.

The Girl and KSC2-303 make it to the river, but he knocks her out again so he can fight the mute, pale redheaded man with sunglasses. They find pixie cut woman in the forest, she overpowers KSC2-303 and knocks him out. She stands over him as the Girl takes a log to the back of pixie cut’s head, knocking her out. The Man finds the Girl and KSC2-303. He wants to explain it all to them. The Man and KSC2-303 are transported elsewhere leaving the Girl in the forest by herself. The Man explains that killing the Girl gives them a greater power and that the two men are immortals. One has the power of darkness and the other is light. Yes, we’ve ventured into Highlander territory with this one. Her blood will open up the portal in the forest of resurrection to attain a greater power.KSC2-303 is shot in the face by the Man and rolls into the forest off a cliff. The girl finds him and uses her blood to resurrect him.

A flashback shows how the Man never attained his power because KSC2-303 killed the Girl, 500 years ago.KSC2-303 wakes up without his left eye, but puts his right hand in the air, screaming. I saw this as much like how He-Man gets his power as a samurai blade appears in his hand. I guess yelling “by the power of Greyskull” wasn’t in the budget. I don’t think Mattel would endorse a movie this gory. The Man is with the Girl telling her that KSC2-303’s blood is the true key to opening the portal. KSC2-303 appears and disposes of the zombie gangsters. He removes their limbs, fills their torsos with holes so deep you can see right through them and a lot of blood.

Cowardly guy and pixie woman find the cops and battle them. Cowardly guy accidentally shoots her, takes a massive gun and runs off. KSC2-303 disarms cowardly guy and takes out the cops. The Man meets KSC2-303 in a clearing and they battle, a lot like the Bride from Kill Bill Volume 1 against the Crazy 88, but on a budget and in the forest with more emotion from both characters. I should mention that there’s a lot of camera spinning around the characters. The battle is won by KSC2-303 and he leaves the forest with the girl on a motorcycle. 99 years later, civilization has crumbled and the Girl is with KSC2-303 in an old warehouse.  The same gangsters are also in attendance. She sees the Man and says “I should have been on your side” They’re immortals, they’ll fight forever for that power. They should have done a sequel with a bigger budget. Thank you for reading my review of Versus.

If you want to discuss this film further, you can find me on Twitter with the handle @immiebroods and if you haven’t seen it? Try to find this cult classic, it’s quite entertaining.

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