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The recent outing of Supernatural was an episode titled “The Scorpion and The Frog” has some elements in it that proved enjoyable. Below I offer the things I felt were the best about it.

The opinions offered are that of the writer and not of The Nerdy Girl Express and may differ from those of others. It contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “The Scorpion and The Frog,” please do not continue reading.

4.   Barthamus

After Crowley became King of Hell, Barthamus (or Bart) was the newly self-appointed King of the Crossroads.  He was a pretty good villain in that instead of going after the Winchesters to kill them (which would have surely meant his death), he made a point of offering Sam and Dean something they wanted for something he wanted. He had an air of arrogance and was full of flair. Oftentimes, the motive of the demon is revealed early on so Sam and Dean know what they’re up against.  But the only thing they knew about Bart was he wanted a mysterious item that a man named Luther Shrike had. And because Shrike appeared to be bad, working with Bart was the lesser of two evils (or so the Winchesters thought). And who could not love a demon who brings Dean pie!

3.    Shrike

Sam and Dean sought Luther Shrike to steal the item Bart wanted in exchange for the Nephilim tracking spell they needed in order to find Jack. The interesting thing about Shrike was that he wasn’t a demon or monster, he was just a man.  The revelation that Shrike was immortal upped the ante for the brothers Winchester. Here was this guy who couldn’t be killed unless he left his house. Kill or be killed went out the window for Sam and Dean when an angry Shrike came after them. Sadly, Shrike was revealed to be the real victim.  Apparently he had made a deal and sold his soul to Bart to save his (Shrike) son when the boy was dying. But after Shrike’s son died anyway from an accident, the smart Luther found a way to renegotiate his deal by obtaining Bart’s bones and using them as leverage against the Crossroads Demon. A bad guy who was just a father that loved his son added an interesting dynamic to Shrike as a character making him sympathetic when he finally met his death at the hands of Bart.

2.   Smash

Alice a.k.a Smash worked for Bart because, you guessed it…she sold her soul to him and reasoned that as long as she continued to do his bidding she’d avoid being dragged to Hell. I liked the character of Smash because she was just a girl who made a mistake and was doing the best she could to deal with her choices. Smash was uncomplicated, which made her involvement in the caper not enough to distract the focus from the best thing about the episode.

1.   Sam and Dean working together

One of the most noticeable thing missing about the later seasons of Supernatural is what seems to be the interaction between Sam and Dean, especially on cases. In the earlier seasons, the Winchester brothers would drive up in Baby, flash their fake FBI badges and get to work, giving them brotherly bantering and an emotional connection that fostered the “you and me against the world.”  Nowadays, Sam and Dean go their separate ways on investigations and are paired with other partners. But in “The Scorpion and The Frog,” although Sam spent time distracting Shrike and Dean was with Smash and Grab, there was no mistaking that the brothers were working together. Additionally, Sam and Dean got a lot of screen time in this episode which is always a plus.  I know that Jared and Jensen work really hard and probably appreciate when guest actors carry the bulk of the scenes, but we love Sam and Dean and miss them when their scenes are few and far between.  Here’s hoping for more Sam and Dean episodes that showcase the brothers’ teamwork.

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