Writer @stacyamiller85 Breaks Down Best Things About #Supernatural S13Ep11 Breakdown @davyperez

What did you think of the Supernatural  episode “Breakdown?” Read below as I breakdown the interesting concepts of the episode.

The opinions offered are that of the writer and not of The Nerdy Girl Express and may differ from those of others. It contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Breakdown,” please do not continue reading.

The recent outing of Supernatural was an episode titled “Breakdown” has some elements in it that proved enjoyable. Here I offer some thoughts.


In some episodes of Supernatural this season, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) seems to have little screen time. Besides for a few circumstances where he’s gotten to be the heroic Winchester brother we know and love, Sam’s primary dialogue was limited to reacting to what Dean (Jensen Ackles) or other character say. Well in “Breakdown,” Sam was shown having a breakdown (total pun intended) of sorts. He appeared to have the defeated attitude of  ‘why bother everything is going to Hell anyway’ and ‘we never catch a break anyway, all we get is bad luck.’ He didn’t feel like getting out of bed and wanted to hightail it out of town pronto for fear of discovery by the FBI. Sam wore his emotions on his sleeves and as viewers we wanted to tell him “Big bro Dean has your back, hang in there.” Fortunately, Dean did just that, offering Sam the support he so desperately needed. It is brother moments like these that remind us of why we love Supernatural.

Monster Auction

The idea of an eBay like monster auction for human body parts was an interesting concept (Bravo writer Davy Perez!).  Usually the monsters on Supernatural  are all like “I have teeth, I have fangs. I’m going to go kill me a human. Oh crap, here comes those darn Winchesters. But I’m stronger so they’ll be hunter toast.  How did I get to Purgatory? Man, Sam and Dean killed me!” But here we saw that these monsters have evolved with the times by hiding in plain sight. They could be your co-worker or neighbor. An obvious are super rich as seen by the monster who won Sam Winchester’s heart for 500K!

Donna’s back and she brought Doug and Wendy

The week before, fans of the gusty Stillwater sheriff were treated to the appearance of Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) in the episode “Wayward Sisters.”  But Donna’s showing up in “Breakdown” was sans her female hunters. It was a personal case involving the disappearance of her niece Wendy. Not only were we introduced to another member of the Hanscum family, but Officer Doug Stover a.k.a. New Doug returned.  And before the episode concluded, Doug received an up close view of the world of monsters when he was turned into a vampire by Marlon. Sadly although he hailed Donna a hero, Doug couldn’t become part of the monster hunting community. Poor Donna, she finally found a man who loved her the way she deserved only to lose him to her new life.

Finally, “Breakdown” offered a monster story and felt like an old school Supernatural episode. With the larger mythology of Lucifer, Jack, Michael, Asmodeus and The Alternate Earth, it was great seeing the brothers doing what they do best “Saving people, hunting things, the family business.”

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