The Crown Jewel Mystery: A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Story Review from @kleffnotes

A robbery intertwines the lives of Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James in The Crown Jewel Mystery. This novella from the Anna Elliot and Charles Veley is a prequel to the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery series. While Sherlock and Lucy do not interact with each other it allows the reader to see the similarities within their personalities in a clever way.

Sherlock and Watson are investigating the death of a young man, who happens to be a clerk at the bank where Sherlock keeps his accounts. After learning of this death the two men must deal with the implications of this death. Lucy James has just arrived in London with John D. Rockefeller Jr., who continuously attempts to propose to her. The couple should be sightseeing, but  Lucy insists they stop at a specific bank, which just so happens to be where Sherlock’s accounts are kept. The young American woman is desperately trying to learn who has been paying her tuition over the years and if she can learn who that person is, perhaps she will be able to find the family she has never met. As she attempts to investigate the mysterious account that has been supporting her, Lucy and Johnny find themselves being held hostage. In an attempt to help the other hostages and thwart the robbers Lucy uses all of the skills she has at her disposal.

The Crown Jewel Mystery can act as a delightful introduction to the work of Anna Elliot and Charles Veley’s Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James mystery series if you haven’t already. For those who already love the series this novella gives additional insight into Lucy’s life before she met her father. She is her own heroine throughout this story and it highlights her remarkable skills. Within the series Anna Elliot writes the chapters from Lucy’s point of view, while Charles Veley writes the chapters from Dr. Watson’s point of view. This allows the two characters to present different aspects of the same situation. In this case Lucy reveals everything that is happening within the bank, while Watson is able to show the reader what is happening outside of the bank. Mystery fans and Sherlock Holmes lovers should definitely check out not only The Crown Jewel Mystery, but the entire Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James series.

You can find The Crown Jewel Mystery on sale now and keep an eye out for more from Anna Elliot and Charles Veley in the coming months.

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