We Can Be Kind by: David Friedman Book Review via @erinwise82


If you’ve never heard the song “We Can Be Kind”, I’d recommend giving it a listen. Creator of the song, David Friedman, takes you deeper into the lyrics to teach some pretty valuable lessons….that society, in my opinion, is starting to forget.

This book is a powerful reminder how a little kindness can go along way. How much we all need to spread a kind word, thought, suggestion. How important it is for our world…the future of our world….humanity.

Kindness brings so much to life. And David explains it perfectly. Leading us to new ways of becoming….well….alive. This book is so beautifully written.

The world is not perfect and neither are our lives, but, honestly this book gave me better understanding, hope……happiness inside….

Please run out and get your copy!!! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target…so many places you can get your hands on this treasure……

World Kindness Day was last month…..you know what would be better than World Kindness Day? World Kindness Everyday!


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One thought on “We Can Be Kind by: David Friedman Book Review via @erinwise82

  1. How very exciting that individual kindnesses, some born in secret circumstances, attract other kindnesses and generate more good will
    until powerful forces guide us to critical mass which can envelop us all and change our worlds. “We Can Be Kind” propels us to that shining place. You’ll treasure it!!!


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