The Wicked Righteous #3 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

After rescuing the mysterious girl, JC, Lucas and his brothers find themselves in another dangerous situation in The Wicked Righteous #3. With Horsemen on their tail everyone is trying to lay low, but their new partner Mr. Cross needs something that forces them to leave their home.

The opening of The Wicked Righteous #3 shows us a young curly haired boy trying to pry himself loose from an examination table two years before the series takes place. He is berating a psychiatrist and continues to fight his way loose until he finally succeeds. As the scene unfolds we learn about Billy and some of his background, while getting a glimpse at his mental state. In the present Lucas and two of his brothers head out to track down a SAT phone that Mr. Cross needs urgently. This leads them to Petco Park, which has become a dangerous place where the tough as nails Berg lays waste to her constant competitors in battle. Things take a dangerous turn after JC’s presence comes to light and the brothers find themselves on the run for their lives. Check out The Wicked Righteous #3 to find out just what happens!

This series is an interesting mix of religious and apocalypse plots. The brothers names connect with the gospel writers from the New Testament and having the mysterious JC appear seems to hint at something much larger happening later in the series. What I loved in this issue of The Wicked Righteous was the introduction of Berg. She is an intense warrior character and falls outside of the parameters of a typical female character in comics. I am also very curious to see what will happen with Billy’s character going forward and to learning just who JC is.

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